Event—Public Programming

Editing the Memoirs of Sully, Minister of Henry IV of France: A Protestant at the Heart of Catholic France

David Buisseret and Bernard Barbiche (who for decades taught summer institutes in French paleography for the Renaissance Center) have been working together for many years on the memoirs of the Duke of Sully, minister of Henri IV of France (r. 1589-1610). They have published three volumes, and are well advanced on the fourth. David Buisseret will briefly explain the significance of Sully in the history of France, and then describe the process of transcribing the manuscript, establishing the text and annotating it. Available for inspection will be samples of the microfilm, of the copies made from this, and of the typed text, in the process of annotation. Examples of previous editions (1740) and (1810) will also be to hand. After that, in tune with the Library’s current exhibition, he will use examples from this text; to explain what it was like for the Protestant Sully at the heart of Catholic France.