Event—Public Programming

FNFVF: “#stillhere," "Nothing about Moccasins" and "Jane and the Wolf"


#stillhere, Directed by Desmond Hessing (Oklahoma Choctaw)

Short Video Art piece which challenges traditional representations of Indigenous people as being trapped in the


Run time: 1 minute 20 seconds

Nothing about Moccasins, Directed by Eden Mallina Awashish

Sometimes some stories aren’t meant to be captured on film or shared with the whole world

Run time: 5 minutes

Jane and the Wolf, Directed by Nadine Arpin and Rachel Garrick

“In the 1960s, Pagwa River was a booming railroad town populated by second generation Crees. During one

cold winter, the community was being stalked by a lone wolf. Every attempt to kill the wolf failed. Jane

recognized the wolf as a spirit sign from the ancestors. Ridiculed for her beliefs, Jane set out alone to kill the

wolf using the old ways.”

Run time: 10 minutes

Download a PDF flyer for the film series, to post and distribute.