Event—Center for Renaissance Studies

Introduction to Early Modern Critical Race Studies


This workshop introduces participants to the history and methods of Early Modern Critical Race Studies (EMCRS). Foregrounding the “Critical” component of EMCRS, we will discuss the theoretical and political roots of the field from its inception in the Center for Renaissance Studies 1990s, the stages and controversies that have marked its history, and its major subfields as well as the new directions in which the field is currently headed, namely, whiteness studies and transnational critical race studies. By discussing readings, brainstorming best practices, and engaging with some of the materials of the forthcoming exhibition organized by the Newberry Library in partnership with the “RaceB4Race” conference series, participants will clear pathways to engage ethically and meaningfully with the field of EMCRS.

Due to the ongoing uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, this workshop may be accessible virtually.

Learn more about the instructor: Noémie Ndiaye.