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Jessica Resvick, Oklahoma State University


Freud’s Media: Transference, Metaphor, and Print Culture

Jessica Resvick

Freud’s Media: Transference, Metaphor, and Print Culture

Jessica Resvick, Oklahoma State University

In a 1912 technical paper, Sigmund Freud turns to a print metaphor to explicate the clinical phenomenon of transference. The patient’s relationship to the analyst, he writes, is like a reprint made from a stereotype plate. Though the reference is scarcely legible to the contemporary reader, stereotype printing was a well-known innovation of the nineteenth-century print industry that enabled the mass reproduction of texts and images. Tracing Freud’s metaphor back to nineteenth-century print and scientific culture, this paper shows how mass media provided the conceptual scaffolding for early psychoanalysis, in which the distinctions between transference, metaphor, and translation [Übertragung] readily collapse.


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