LGBTQ+ Education: Evolving Narratives in Museums

Hull-House was world-renowned for supporting immigrants and world peace, but did you know it paved the way for LGBTQ+ rights? With the changing landscape of human rights today, it is important to ask ourselves, where do we learn about LGBTQ+ history? How do public institutions uplift different narratives for visitors to see themselves in all spaces? And what can we do to create space for all voices to be heard? These are questions that Jane Addams Hull-House Museum asked itself and worked to address in their exhibitions over the past six years. Led by Michael A. Ramirez, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum’s Education Manager, participants in this seminar will learn about the unique settlement house created on the Near West Side of Chicago during the Progressive Era, explore the expansive work of Hull-House Settlement Residents, and gain insight into the challenges and accomplishments of creating space for LGBTQ+ history in public institutions, and how spaces can provide a platform for inclusive history.