Event—Center for Renaissance Studies

Medici Florence Today: A Roundtable in Honor of Eric Cochrane


It has been nearly 50 years since Professor Eric Cochrane of the University of Chicago published Florence in the Forgotten Centuries, 1527-1800: A History of Florence and the Florentines in the Age of the Grand Dukes (1973), a book that has inspired generations of scholars. This interdisciplinary roundtable in Professor Cochrane’s honor examines the state of research on the Medici Grand Duchy today, considering in particular how the lenses of gender, globalization, and race have revitalized the scholarship on Florence in the late Renaissance.

Co-organized by Friends of the Medici Archive Project. The Center for Renaissance Studies is grateful to an anonymous donor for inspiring this event.


Opening Remarks
Lia Markey, Newberry Library
Alessio Assonitis, Medici Archive Project

Reflection: "Memories of a Brother and Father"
Nicholas Cochrane, John Cochrane, and Charles Cochrane

Roundtable Speakers

Sheila Barker, Medici Archive Project

"Women Artists and the Medici Grand Dukes"

Brian Brege, Syracuse University

"Florence's Forgotten Global Ambitions: Deprovincializing Early Modern Tuscany"

Emily Wilbourne, Queens College and the Graduate Center in the City University of New York

"Race, Voice, and Slavery in Seventeenth-Century Florence"


Brendan Dooley, University College Cork