Event—Center for Renaissance Studies

Medieval Afterlives

A workshop exploring what post-medieval manifestations of texts, artworks, and other objects can teach us about the medieval past and its continued relevance today.

Title page for Octave Delpierre, copyist, Cy est le rommant de la rose, ou tout l'art d'amour est enclose. London: 1848 (VAULT Case MS folio Y 7675 .R7184)


This workshop explores the long reach of the Middle Ages into the present through the editions, versions, and reimaginings of medieval culture produced through the early modern period and into the modern day. Through discussions, group work, and hands-on activities with Newberry collection items, participants will better understand what post-medieval manifestations of texts, artworks, and other objects can teach us about the medieval past. In this way, we will also consider how the medieval can inform our present and guide our future.

This workshop forms part of a series of programming exploring the future of medieval studies to mark the Centennial of the Medieval Academy of America in 2025, which is co-organized by Shirin Fozi (Metropolitan Museum of Art), Lynley Herbert (Walters Art Museum), and Christopher Fletcher (Newberry Library).