Modernism and Chicago (Second Session)

Modernism-as a style, a culture, and a philosophy transformed the world in the twentieth century. Chicago both reflected and generated some of its key aspects, and in its own characteristic ways. From the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, to the high-rise housing projects and urban renewal of the 1950s, this workshop will focus on the manifestations and forces behind Chicago's unique contribution to modernism. Special emphasis will be placed on the challenges and efforts of women and minoritized individuals. We will also examine modern art-particularly that produced in Chicago-in the public sphere, and in the collections of the Art Institute and other museums. Our session will also consider modern literature created in Chicago, as well as how the city is depicted in modernist writing, film and theater. Overall, the day will provide information and resources for teaching about several aspects of the culture of our city in the twentieth-century.