Event—Public Programming

Radical Impressions: Excavating the Anarchist Past on Chicago’s Near West Side

In the late 19th and 20th centuries, Chicago’s Near West Side was one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods, home to Little Italy, Greektown, the Maxwell Street flea market, and Jane Addams’s Hull-House. As she traces the neighborhood’s artistic and literary genealogy, Olga Herrera excavates anarchist influences from the Haymarket bombing and trial (1886-1887), the life and work of labor activist Lucy Parsons, and the founding of the Industrial Workers of the World (also affectionately known as the Wobblies) in 1905. In this talk, Dr. Herrera will present findings on Wobbly visual art, drawing from the Franklin and Penelope Rosemont Collection of I.W.W. Publications and Ephemera.