Event—Public Programming

SOLD OUT - Nova Reperta Beer Release


**This event is sold out. But you can purchase packs of Nova Reperta at Sketchbook's two taprooms starting October 8.

Join us for the release of Nova Reperta, an artisanal saison brewed by Sketchbook Brewing Company in collaboration with the Newberry Library and the Chicago Brewseum.

Nova Reperta is inspired by a viral sixteenth-century print series that celebrated the marvels of the Renaissance, from gunpowder to the stirrup to the movable type printing press. The images in the series spread across Europe, and they shaped how people perceived the innovations that—for better or worse—were changing the world and molding the future.

Made with old world ingredients and new world tech, Nova Reperta is more than a beer. It embodies the timeless cycle of invention and reinvention. It is part of a trend as old as time and as new as the latest innovation.

Be the first to try Nova Reperta, and learn about the beer and its Renaissance source material during a brief talk featuring staff from Sketchbook, the Newberry, and the Chicago Brewseum.

This event is being held in conjunction with the Newberry's exhibition Renaissance Invention: Stradanus's "Nova Reperta," now on view through November 25, 2020.

Please note that the location for this event is 4901 Main Street, Skokie, IL.