Event—Scholarly Seminars

Sylvia Fernández, University of Houston, and Antonio Ramirez, Elgin Community College


Borderlands Digital Humanities Projects: Towards a Geospatiacial and Transfronteriza Consciousness, Sylvia Fernández

This presentation will showcase a theory, praxis, and pedagogy framework of three non-funded and collaborative-based postcolonial digital humanities projects, Borderlands Archives Cartography (BAC), Torn Apart / Separados (TA/S) and United Fronteras, that were created as an intervention to the abundant colonialist production of border and borderlands representations. This type of scholarship reclaims the humanity of communities, such as the ones along the Mexico-U.S. border, by critically contextualizing and reshaping the knowledge production through the use of humanities inquiry and digital methods and tools.

Chicagolandia: Listening to Latinx Suburbia, Antonio Ramirez

This paper examines the recent history of Latina/os in suburban Chicago through an 18-month oral history project implemented by the author and his community college students. Between 1980 and the present, Latinx populations in multiple Chicago suburban communities increased by 500-1000%. By the early 2000s, suburban Latina/os outnumbered those in the city. The paper will examine the place of suburban Latinxs within Borderlands and Latina/o Studies and how oral history can foster transformative student experiences.