Teaching Intersectionality

This workshop will focus on the pedagogy of intersectionality and creating an equitable classroom. We will discuss strategies that reach across race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and ability. The workshop will also include pedagogies for first-generation, ESL, and Generation 1.5 speakers, and neurodiverse students. How can we teach our subjects to a complex and diverse student body? How do we address and recognize our students’ intersectional identities? What is our responsibility and strategy for revealing our own identity and position?

We will define intersectionalism and how this practice can be actualized via teaching methods in the classroom and in our person. Practicing intersectionality is a process and it is labor. This workshop will serve as both an introduction and offer tools for extending your practice. In addition, the workshop will cover definitions for key terms in critical race and ethnicity theory, gender and sexuality studies, and language and heritage diversity. Along with practical strategies for creating a productive and welcoming intersectional classroom, a list of resources for further study and expansion on these topics will be included.