The 2020 Elections

This session will look at the fundamentals of elections, which will be the most important factors in the 2020 election. The session will be broken into three parts. The first will cover partisanship and political polarization as it affects social relations, who votes, and vote choice. Partisanship is now as great a force dividing American people as race or religion, the traditional social cleavages. Partisanship also is the most important factor in the decision whether or not to vote as well as who people vote for. The second part will focus on the factors that influence voter turnout, including battles to expand or constrict voter turnout. Political scientists expect turnout to be the highest since the 1950s. We will look at why that is. The final part will focus on vote choice. There are long-term and short-term forces that influence voter choices. We will look at those factors and how it influences vote choice.

As a matter of preparation, I would recommend attendees regularly follow https://fivethirtyeight.com/ for daily updated polling and forecasting results.