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Volunteer Information Session - Mary and Julia Newberry


Join us for a Volunteer Information session, a virtual program series exclusively for Newberry volunteers. These short talks reveal additional information about the Newberry's history, collections, and exhibitions to help volunteers learn even more about the Newberry Library.

Mary and Julia Newberry, the daughters of Newberry founder Walter Newberry, died young, but still led busy, fulfilling lives. Today the diaries and letters they left behind reveal lots of information about their personalities, beliefs, and goals. Join Manager of Volunteers Rebecca Haynes, as she shares information about the lives of both women, including the close relationship they had with their father, their love of travel, and the strong opinions they had about the various men who attempted to court them. Although neither woman lived to see the founding of the Newberry Library, their legacy impacted some of the early collecting at the Newberry and continues to shape the institution today.

This program will be held virtually on Zoom. A link will be sent to you at the time of registration.

Invitation to a Volunteer Information Session is a perk of volunteering at the Newberry. To learn more, contact Rebecca Haynes, at haynesr@newberry.org.