Winston S. Churchill: The statesman and his times, 1874-1965

Born in 1874 during the height of the British Empire under Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill lived a consequential life at the center of British and global affairs, including during colonial wars, two world wars, and the early cold war. Churchill was more than simply a warrior or warlord, however. He was both a tory democrat and a liberal imperialist, supporting Britain's versions of social security, universal national health insurance and public housing. Churchill was a dynamic and charismatic writer, speaker and politician. He was a highly paid journalist, a prolific biographer/historian, a painter of some merit, and noted raconteur. He also served in parliament for 62 years and held most of the major positions in the British cabinet over a 50-year period. Churchill's life intersected with many of the major currents of the late-19th and early-20th century, and he remained relevant until his retirement from the prime ministership in 1955 at the age of 80. This seminar explores the fascinating life and career of this seminal statesman, as well as the turbulent times in which he lived and helped shape. (It will also be held on WSC's 143rd birthday!)