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Yuthika Sharma, Northwestern University


The Delhi Fort from Muraqqa to Map: Court Artists and Jesuit Mapmakers at the Crossroads of Late Mughal Art

Yuthika Sharma

The Delhi Fort from Muraqqa to Map: Court Artists and Jesuit Mapmakers at the Crossroads of Late Mughal Art

Yuthika Sharma, Northwestern University

This paper examines the shifting nature of artistic practice across the genres of muraqqa (album) painting and mapmaking in Late Mughal India in the backdrop of Mughal-Jesuit interactions in the eighteenth century. The paper suggests that an increasing concern with diminishing Mughal imperial power fueled a growing artistic focus on re-imagining the city as a seat of empire, and the palace-fortress as a repository of ritual, cosmographic, religious, and performative Mughal sovereignty. It focuses on the court painter Nidha Mal (fl. 1725-1775), and his creation of an imperial city-map of the Red Fort at Delhi, a radical move away from painting courtly themes. Placing the map within older genealogies of city descriptions and surveys, the paper highlights its morphology emerging out of Mughal and Jesuit intellectual exchange. It draws attention to the role of the Austrian Jesuit geographer Joseph Tieffenthaler (1710-1785), his engagement with the Mughal court, and his maps co-produced with local artists and draftsmen. This cartographic experimentation at Delhi, the paper suggests, while charging the European imagination of Delhi as Mughal bastion, also recast the visual culture of the Late Mughal empire into the nineteenth century.


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