Cartography – Concise Bibliography of the History of Cartography

A Selected, Annotated List of Works on Old Maps and Their Makers, and on their Collection, Cataloging, Care, and Use
Compiled 1997 by Robert W. Karrow, Jr.

This is a personal selection and doubtless somewhat idiosyncratic. It emphasizes, but is not limited to, newer works in the English language, especially those likely to be of great interest to persons working in or on North America and Great Britain. It is biased toward those books which have found their way over the years to the reference shelves in the Newberry’s Rand McNally Map Reading Room and have proven useful there. Newberry call numbers follow the descriptions in square brackets. The prefix Map Ref before a call number indicates that the book is cataloged as part of the map reference collection. The notation “in Map Room” after a call number indicates that the work is presently charged to the Map Room and is shelved with other map reference books.

See our Index of Authors, Titles, and Subjects for assistance in locating records within the Concise Bibliography.

The sources listed here are also described in the Newberry Library Cartographic Catalog (NLCC), which includes over 4,500 secondary sources related to the history of cartography.


Part 1: General Literature

Bibliographies 1-16
Bibliography of Bibliographies 1
Bibliographies of the History of Cartography 2-16
Directories 17-23
Directories of Map Collections 17-22
Directory of Research in Progress 23
Dictionaries of Cartographic Terms 24-26
Journals 27-34
Maps and Mapping 35-43
History of Cartography 44-100
Methodology 44-45
General Histories, including “Picture Books” 46-83
America 84-90
Cities 91
Atlases 92-93
Globes 94-100
Surveying 101-108
Map Librarianship 109-118
General Works 109-113
Journals 114-118
Physical Characteristics of Maps 119-128
General 119
Printing Techniques 120-126
Paper and Ink 127-128
Mathematical Characteristics of Maps 129-137
Units of Measurement 129-131
Prime Meridians 132
Projections 133-137
Cataloging and Cartobibliography 138-148
General 138-143
Cartobibliographical Description 144-148
Biographical Sources 149-167
Bibliographies 149
General Biography 150-156
American Biography 157-161
Great Britain Biography 162-167
Place Names 168-174
Bibliographies 168-169
General Lists in English 170-171
Multi-Lingual Lists 172
Latin Place Names 173-174
Antiquarian Map Trade 175-177
Photocopying and Microforms 178-180
Conservation 181-187
Map Use and Interpretation 188-196
General 188-190
Localized Studies 191-196

Part 2: Map Catalogs and Cartobibliographies
Celestial Maps 197
World 198-231
Atlases 212-221
Cities and Towns 222
Manuscript Maps 223-226
Maps in Books 227-230
Roads 231
America 232-241
Cities and Towns 238
Manuscript Maps 239-240
Maps in Books 241
North America 242-254
Cities and Towns 249-252
Manuscript Maps 253-254
Great Lakes Region 255
Canada 256-260
County Maps 258-259
Canada, Western 260
United States 261-282
Atlases 267-268
Cities and Towns 269
County Maps 270
Indians 271
Manuscript Maps 272
Southeastern States 273-275
Ohio Valley 276
Mississippi Valley 277
Middle Western States 278
Western States 279-280
Pacific Northwestern States 281-282
Latin America 283-286
Colombia 284
Argentina 285
Amazon Valley 286
Europe 287-303
British Isles 289-292
Wales 293
Scotland 294
France 295
Central Europe 296-297
Switzerland 298
Germany 299-300
Spain 301
Denmark 302
Europe, Eastern 303
Asia 304-306
Holy Land 305
Arabian Peninsula 306
Africa 307-310
Australia 311-312


Part 1: General Literature


Bibliography of Bibliographies

1. Harris, Chauncy Dennison. Bibliography of Geography: Part 1. Introduction to General Aids. University of Chicago Department of Geography. Research Paper 179. Chicago: University of Chicago, Dept. of Geography, 1976. [Map Ref Z6001.G116 H37 - in Map Room]

Excels at sorting out the intricacies and uses of bibliographies, geographical journals, and indexes. Essential first step in a detailed literature search.

Bibliography of the History of Cartography

2. American Geographical Society of New York. Research Catalog. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1962. 15v. [Ayer f 290 A503 1962]

Classified bibliography of geographical and cartographic literature.

Continued by the monthly Current geographical publications [Ayer 290 A55].

3. Bagrow, Leo and R. A. Skelton. “Select Bibliography of the History of Cartography.” History of Cartography, 201-300. Chicago: Precedent Publishing, 1985. [folio GA201.B313 1985 - in Map Room]

Lists 278 items, arranged topically.

Reprint of 1964 edition [Ayer 7 B14 1964 - in Map Room].

4. Krogt, P. C. J. van der, Marc Hameleers, and Peter van den Brink. Bibliografie Van De Geschiedenis Van De Kartografie Van De Nederlanden= Bibliography of the History of Cartography of the Netherlands. Utrecht: HES Publishers, 1993. 418p. [GA 921 .K76 1993 - in Map Room]

Over 4,500 entries (some duplicated under different headings) in a classified arrangement. Annotations in Dutch, introduction and table of contents in Dutch and English. Includes index.

5. Bibliographia Cartographica 1 (1974) +. Munich: Verlag Dokumentation, 1974-date. [Ayer Z6021.B48 - in Map Room]

Annual bibliography with a section on the history of cartography. Supersedes Bibliotheca cartographica.

6. Bibliotheca Cartographica 1 (1957) - 30 (1972). Bad-Godesburg: Bundesforschungsanstalt für Landeskunde und Raumordnung, 1957-1972. [Ayer 290 B577]

Ceased publication. Includes a section on history. Continues Kosack’s Die Kartographie 1943-1954 and superseded by Bibliographica cartographica.

7. Brown, Lloyd Arnold. “Bibliography.” In The Story of Maps 1: 341-73. Boston: Little Brown, 1949. [Ayer 129 B87 1949 - in Map Room]

Very good classified bibliography, with many references to obscure references not cited elsewhere.

8. Sheehy, Eugene P. Guide to Reference Books. 10th ed. Chicago: American Library Association, 1986. 1560p. [Ref Z1035.1 .S43 1986]

Very thorough sections on “Geography” (p. 936-972) and “History and Area Studies” (p. 973-1131).

9. Hodgkiss, Alan G. and A. F. Tatham. “Annotated Bibliography of Reference Sources: History of Cartography.” In Keyguide to Information Sources in Cartography, part 2, 79-127. New York: Facts on File Publications, 1986. [Z6021.H6 1986 - in Map Room]

A good selection that covers some of the same ground as the present work, and also includes references on the mapping of specific geographical areas (333 entries). Author index at end of book.

10. “Annual bibliography.” In Imago mundi 1 (1935-date). [Ayer 129 I53 - in Map Room]

Annual bibliography at end of every issue. With some 8,300 entries as of volume 47 (including literature to 1994), this is a vast body of information, but without a cumulative index, very difficult to use for topical searches. Earlier volumes contain a number of duplicate and incomplete entries. Arranged by author; careful and uniform editng and annual subject index begin with v. 29.

11. Jäger, Eckhard. Bibliographie Zur Kartengeschichte Von Deutschland Und Osteuropa: Eine Auswahl Des Kartographischen Schrifttums Mit Einem Exkurs Uber Landkartenpreise Im 18. Jahrhundert Im Vergleich Zu Anderen Kosten. Lüneburg: Nordostdeutsches Kulturwerk, 1978. 92p. [Map Ref Z6021.G2 J34 1978 - in Map Room]

12. Kosack, Hans Peter and Karl-Heinz Meine. Die Kartographie, 1943-1954: Eine Bibliographische Ubersicht. Lahr-Schwarzwald: Astra, 1955. 216p. [Ayer f 290 K750 1955]

The section on historical cartography (p. 27-39) lists ca. 350 titles. Superseded by Bibliotheca cartographica.

13. Ristow, Walter William. Guide to the History of Cartography: an Annotated List of References on the History of Maps and Mapmaking, 3rd ed. Washington: Library of Congress, 1973. 96p. [4A 18065 - in Map Room]

A good place to go for quick information (398 entries). Includes many library catalogs and cartobibliographies. Good index.

14. Library of Congress. Geography and Map Division. The Bibliography of Cartography. Boston: G. K. Hall, 1973-1980. 7v. [Map Ref Z6028.U49 1973 - in Map Room]

Issued 1973 in 5 volumes; First supplement published 1980 in two volumes.The best place to begin most searches. Covers all aspects of cartography, including photogrammetry, in one alphabetical sequence of authors and subjects. Includes an estimated 90,000 entries for works published from the early nineteenth century through 1971.

15. Wolf, Eric W. The History of Cartography: a Bibliography, 1981-1992. Washington, D.C.: Washington Map Society in association with Fiat Lux, 1993. 89p. [folio Z6001.W65 1993 - in Map Room]

Drawing, since 1984, on his regular column in The Portolan, Wolf lists 1,018 publications, primarily monographs, on all subjects. Author arrangement with subject index.

16. Zögner, Lothar. Bibliographie Zur Geschichte Der Deutschen Kartographie. Bibliographia cartographica., Sonderheft 2. Munich: K.G. Saur, 1984. 267p. [Z2247.C3 Z64 - in Map Room]

An excellent list, with 3,319 entries.


Directories of Map Collections

17. Carrington, David K. and Richard W. Stephenson. Map Collections in the United States and Canada: a Directory, 4th ed. New York: Special Libraries Association, 1985. 178p. [folio GA193.U5 M36 1985 - in Map Room]

Descriptions of 804 collections, including a breakdown by date of maps. Index to persons, institutional names, and subjects of all collections.

18. Cobb, David A. Guide to U.S. Map Resources, 2nd ed. Chicago: American Library Association, 1990. 495p. [Ref GA193.U5 C62 1986]

Comparable to Map collections in the United States and Canada, this guide describes 974 collections from the US alone.

19. Dubreuil, Lorraine. Directory of Canadian Map Collections, 5th ed. Ottawa: Association of Canadian Map Libraries, 1986. 163p. [GA193.C3 W5 1986 - in Map Room]

Includes 122 entries, with breakdown by date of maps.

20. Ehrenberg, Ralph E. Scholars’ Guide to Washington, D.C. for Cartography and Remote Sensing Imagery: (Maps, Charts, Aerial Photographs, Satellite Images, Cartographic Literature, and Geographic Information Systems). Scholars’ guide to Washington, D.C., no. 12. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1987. 385p. [GA193.U5 E37 1987]

A marvelously detailed guide to what must be the greatest map city in the world. Summarizes the contents of more than 200 collections containing 50,000 atlases and 9.2 million maps.

21. International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. World Directory of Map Collections, 2nd ed. IFLA publications., 31. Munich: K.G. Saur, 1986. 405p. [GA192.W67 1986 - in Map Room]

Lists 670 maps in 66 countries. Descriptions include a breakdown by date of maps.

22. Wallis, Helen. Historians’ Guide to Early British Maps: a Guide to the Location of Pre-1900 Maps of the British Isles Preserved in the United Kingdom and Ireland. London: Royal Historical Society, 1994. 465p. [Map Ref GA193.G7 H57 1994 - in Map Room]

The heart of the volume is a listing of 362 repositories, with concise information about holdings and services.

Directory of Research in Progress

23. Who’s Who in the History of Cartography: the International Guide to the Subject, no.1 (1974). London: 1974-date. [Map Ref GA102.25 .I57 - in Map Room]

Meant to act as a clearinghouse for information about work in progress. Arranged alphabetically by name of researcher. Nos. 1-6 have title: International directory of current research in the history of cartography and in carto-bibliography; in addition, the letter “D” (for “Directory”) and a number appears on no. 5 and this has become commonly used as an abbreviated title in the specialiazed literature. D8 appeared in 1995 and contained over 500 entries.

Dictionaries of Cartographic Terms

24. Bonacker, Wilhelm. Karten-Wörterbuch. Bonn: Kirschbaum Verlag, 1971. 276p. [G 005.112]

Reprint of original published Berlin: Spiegel Verlag, 1941. Geographic and cartographic terms in 55 languages (including 22 non-roman scripts) are rendered in German.

25. International Cartographic Association. Multilingual Dictionary of Technical Terms in Cartography. Wiesbaden: Franz Steiner, 1973. 573p. [f G 005.602 - in Map Room]

Thorough, workmanlike job, with entries arranged in a classified order. Indexes in fourteen languages.

26. National Committee for Geography, London. Glossary of Technical Terms in Cartography. London: The Royal Society, 1966. 84p. [5A 1703]


See also items 96, 114-118, and 201.

27. Acta Cartographica, 1 (1967) - 27 (1981). Amsterdam: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1967-1981. [GA101.A2 - in Map Room]

This very useful serial, now, alas, defunct, reprinted important articles on the history of cartography from Dutch, English, French, German, and Italian periodicals, primarily of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Two cumulative indexes covered the first 21 vols.

28. Caert-Thresoor: Tijdschrift Voor De Historische Kartographie. 1, no.1 (Feb. 1982) +. Alphen aan den Rijn: Canaletto, 1982-date. [folio GA101.C34 - in Map Room]

Quarterly, with feature articles, news, and lists of recent publications, mostly relating to maps and cartographers of the Low Countries. Dutch with English abstracts.

29. Cartographica Helvetica, no.1 (Jan. 1990) +. Murten, Switzerland: Verlag Cartographica Helvetica, 1990-date. [folio GA 1021.C37 - in Map Room]

Biannual with feature articles, news, and lists of recent publications relating to the history of Swiss cartography. Hansomely produced with a fair amount of color. German with French and English abstracts.

30. Imago Mundi 1 (1935) +. Berlin, [etc.]: 1935-date. [Ayer 129 I53 - in Map Room]

The leading scholarly journal devoted exclusively to the history of cartography, it was founded by Leo Bagrow. Now published by the International Society for the History of Cartography. Indexes to the first and second ten volumes are in v. 10 (1953) and v. 20 (1966); the cumulative index to vols. 21-40 (through 1988), published in 1991, is a disaster, only marginally easier to use than looking at each volume.

31. The Map Collector, no.1 (Dec. 1977) - 74 (Spring 1996). Tring, Herts.: Map Collector Publications, 1977-1996. [folio GA101.M28 - in Map Room]

An attractive magazine with feature articles by scholars and collectors and regular sections on auctions, collations, news, etc. TMC ceased publication with no. 74, absorbed by Mercator’s World.

32. Mapline: a Quarterly Newsletter Published by the Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography 1 (March 1976) +. Chicago, IL.: The Newberry Library, 1976-date. [folio GA101.M3 - in Map Room]

News and notes on the history of cartography. Regular features include “Recent Publications,” “Calendar,” and “Exhibitions.”

33. Mercator’s World1 (1996) + . Eugene, Ore.: Aster Publishing, 1996-date. [folio GA101.M47 - in Map Room]

The latest entry in the field, this is a glossy, colorful, Americanized version of The Map Collector with ambitions to reach a large market. Having bought out TMC in the Spring of 1996, the editors promise to add some of the features that were popular in the English publication.

34. The Portolan, no.1 (1984) +. Silver Spring, Md.: Washington Map Society, 1984-date. [folio GA101.P67]

Newsletter providing thrice-yearly source of current bibliography, news, notes, and feature articles.

Maps and Mapping

Not necessarily concerned with the history of cartography, at least in a systematic way, these books provide useful background for understanding and appreciating how and why maps are made.

35. Barber, Peter and Christopher Board. Tales From the Map Room: Fact and Fiction About Maps and Their Makers. London: BBC Books, 1993. 192p. [folio GA105.5 .T35 1993 - in Map Room]

Based on the popular BBC series, this is a well-illustrated and intelligently-commentated survey of a variety of map types from a variety of periods.

36. Greenhood, David. Mapping. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1964. 289p. [G 07.37 - in Map Room]

Originally published in 1944 as Down to earth: mapping for everybody, this is a classic, lucid, and wonderfully illustrated introduction to the principles and techniques of surveying and mapping. Still in print as a paperback.

37. Holmes, Nigel. Pictorial Maps. New York: Watson-Guptill, 1991. 191p. [folio GA108.7 .H65 - in Map Room]

Rather like Southworth’s Maps: a visual survey and design guide, this is a visual feast.

38. Monmonier, Mark S. and George A. Schnell. Map Appreciation. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1988. 431p. [GA105.3 .M65 1988 - in Map Room]

A thorough and intelligent overview of types of maps, including an excellent introductory chapter on “Old Maps” (p. 291-330).

39. Raisz, Erwin. General Cartography, 2nd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1948. 354p. [Ayer 129 R15 1948 - in Map Room]

Still often encountered in used book stores (and well worth the $5 - $10 you’ll have to pay), this was the textbook theat brought cartography to American colleges. Raisz begins with a fine selection on history then goes on to survey types of maps and techniques of mapmaking.

40. Raisz, Erwin. Principles of Cartography. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1962. 315p. [5A 6742 - in Map Room]

A smaller and simpler textbook than his General cartography, the Principles includes many of the same fine Raisz illustrations.

41. Robinson, Arthur Howard. Elements of Cartography, 6th ed. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1995. 674p. [GA105.2 .E43 1995 - in Map Room]

Latest edition of this classic by the dean of American academic cartographers, but any edition, including the first (1953) will provide necessary technical background for understanding maps.

42. Southworth, Michael and Susan Southworth. Maps, a Visual Survey and Design Guide. Boston: Little, Brown, 1982. 223p. [GA105.3 .S67 - in Map Room]

A wonderful graphic survey of the kinds of maps that have been made are being made. An hour with this book will be an exercise in conciousness-raising.

43. Wood, Denis and John Fels. The Power of Maps. New York: Guilford Press, 1992. 248p. [GA105.3 .W66 1992 - in Map Room]

A philosophy of maps and mapping that manages to be sprightly and non-academic while questioning many of the standard assumptions about the activity. Highly recommended.

History of Cartography


The history of cartography as a field of study has been undergoing a good deal of introspection lately as it tries to distance itself from the myopic attention to “great maps,” “firsts,” and “decorative maps” that characterized much of the earlier literature. The two essays here attempt to address the question of what the history of cartography should be studying, and how it fits into the work of other disciplines.

See also items 43, 77.

44. Blakemore, M. J. and J. B. Harley. Concepts in the History of Cartography: a Review and Perspective. Cartographica monograph 26. Canada: University of Toronto Press, 1980. 120p. [GA1.C28 v.17, no. 4]
Also issued as Cartographica, v. 17, no. 4 (Winter 1980). Excellent summary of the main themes in the study of old maps.

45. Woodward, David. “The Study of the history of cartography: a suggested framework.” In The American cartographer 1 (1974): 101-115. [GA101.A49 v. 1]
An attempt to define the field and suggest avenues of investigation.

General Histories, including “Picture Books”

46. Bagrow, Leo and R. A. Skelton. History of Cartography, 2nd ed. Chicago, IL: New Brunswick, USA; Oxford, UK: Precedent Pub.; Distributed by Transaction Books, 1985. 312p. [folio GA201.B313 1985 - in Map Room]

Long the standard history, based on work Bagrow had completed before the outbreak of World War II. Most of the information is biographical or relates to the history of publishing in various countries. Lavishly illustrated. Reprint of first English edition,1964 [Ayer 7 B14 1964 - in Map Room].

47. Baltimore. Museum of Art. The World Encompassed: an Exhibition of the History of Maps Held at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Oct. 7 to Nov. 23, 1952. Baltimore: Walters Art Gallery, 1952. Unpaged. [Ayer 290 B234 1952 - in Map Room]

A classic exhibition catalog, with 60 superb collotype reproductions, this is practically a history of cartography. Prepared by Lloyd Brown, author of The Story of Maps.

48. Bricker, Charles and R. V. Tooley. A History of Cartography: 2500 Years of Maps and Mapmakers. London: Thames and Hudson, 1969. 276p. [7A 43 - in Map Room]

First published as Landmarks of cartography, Amsterdam: Elsevier, 1968. A coffee-table history of cartography par excellence with beautifully-produced illustrations. Text is well-written, if discursive, providing background information about the history of discovery and exploration as well.

49. Brown, Lloyd Arnold. The Story of Maps. Boston: Little, Brown, 1949. 393p. [Ayer 129 B87 1949 - in Map Room]

A very readable book, with a good deal of emphasis on the history of surveying. Excellent bibliography. Reprinted New York: Dover, 1980, and still in print.

50. Campbell, Tony. Early Maps. New York: Abbeville Press, 1981. 148p. [folio GA201.C35 - in Map Room]

Large, legible, full-color reproductions of sixty-eight manuscript and printed maps, 13th cent.-1855, with commentary.

51. Cortesao, Armando. History of Portuguese Cartography. Agrupamento de Estudos de Cartografia Antiga, Seccao anexa a Universidade de Coimbra., [Pubs.] 6 & 8. Lisbon: Junta de Investigaçoes do Ultramar, 1969. 2v. [G 07.192]

Despite its title, v. 1 provides an excellent history of cartography in general, up to the time of the Renaissance.

52. Crone, G. R. Maps and Their Makers: an Introduction to the History of Cartography, 4th (revised) ed. London: Hutchinson, 1968. 184p. [4A 6571 - in Map Room]

The best written, most balanced shorter history. Published in multiple editions since 1953; still in print in1989.

53. Dainville, Francois de. Le Langage Des Géographes: Termes, Signes, Couleurs Des Cartes Anciennes, 1500-1800. Paris: J. Picard, 1964. 384p. [G 07.21]

A handbook to the development of symbolization and the terminology of early maps.

54. Dilke, O. A. W. Greek and Roman Maps. Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 1985. 224p. [GA213.D44 1985]

Compact and authoritative. See also Dilke’s contributions in Woodward and Harley’s The History of cartography, vol. 1.

55. Fordham, Herbert George. Maps, Their History, Characteristics and Uses: a Hand-Book for Teachers, 2nd ed. Cambridge: The University Press, 1927. 83p. [G 07.30]

Still a useful summary.

56. Goss, John. The Mapmaker’s Art: a History of Cartography. London: Studio Editions, 1993. 376p. [folio GA201.G67 1993b - in Map Room]

The most recent sumptuous coffee-table book, beautifully illustrated, including a number of less-seen maps. Compare with Bricker and Tooley’s A History of Cartography.

57. Harley, J. B. and David Woodward. The History of Cartography. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1987-. [GA201.H53 1987 - in Map Room]

Planned for six volumes but already showing the tendency to hive off into “books,” this has long essays by an international team of experts. Grandly conceived, carefully edited, well-illustrated, and impeccably documented, it will be the standard history. Contents so far: v. 1, Cartography in Prehistoric, Ancient, and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean (1987); v.2 bk. 1, Cartography in the Traditional Islamic and South Asian Societies (1992); v.2 bk. 2, Cartography in the Traditional East and Southeast Asian Societies (1994).

58. Harms, Hans. Themen Alter Karten. Oldenburg: Ernst Völker, 1979. 279p. [folio GA105.3.H35 - in Map Room]

Reproduces 111 early thematic maps on a wide variety of topics. A good companion to Robinson’s Early Thematic Mapping in the History of Cartography and Wallis and Robinson’s Cartographical Innovations.

59. Harvey, P. D. A. The History of Topographical Maps: Symbols, Pictures and Surveys. London: Thames & Hudson, 1980. 199p. [GA125.H37 - in Map Room]

A thoughtful general survey employing a novel perspective–the relationship between maps and pictures. Many fine reproductions of seldom-seen maps.

60. Harvey, P. D. A. Medieval Maps. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1991. 96p. [folio GA221.H37 1991 - in Map Room]

Brief, reliable survey, finely illustrated. See also contributions by Woodward, Campbell, and Harvey in Woodward and Harley’s History of Cartography vol. 1.

61. “History [of Cartography].” In Encyclopaedia Britannica, 14th ed. [Ref AE5.E363 1973 vol. 14]

Published 1973 in vol.14, p. 827-838. With sections written by J.K. Wright, George Kish, and R.A. Skelton, this is a concise but accurate outline.

62. Hodgkiss, A. G. Understanding Maps: a Systematic History of Their Use and Development. Folkestone, Kent: Dawson, 1981. 209p. [folio GA201.H63 - in Map Room]

A well-illustrated survey that is organized primarily around the various types of maps. Unusual, and valuable, in that it appears to cover the whole of cartographic history; it ends with chapters on modern official and private mapmaking.

63. Howse, Derek and Michael Sanderson. The Sea Chart: an Historical Survey Based on the Collections in the National Maritime Museum. Newton Abbot, Devon: David & Charles, 1973. 144p. [f G 006.422]

Reproductions of 60 charts with commentary on facing page.

64. Mollat, Michel and Monique de La Ronciere. Sea Charts of the Early Explorers: 13th to 17th Century. New York: Thames and Hudson, 1984. 298p. [folio GA359.M651 1984 - in Map Room]

Large, legible, full-color reproductions of one hundred manuscript charts, ca. 1290-1699, with commentary and bibliography.

65. Monmonier, Mark S. Technological Transition in Cartography. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1985. 282p. [GA105.3.M66 1985]

Not a history of cartography in the traditional sense, but a thought-provoking survey of changes over time in several broad areas of cartographic technology, such as “Location and Navigation” and “Boundaries and Surveys.”

66. Moreland, Carl and David Bannister. Antique Maps, 2nd ed. Christie’s collector guides. Oxford: Phaidon; Christie’s, 1986. 314p. [GA197.3.M67 1986]

The best of the guides aimed primarily at collectors. Combines trustworthy histories of the main schools of mapmaking, with good illustrations and lists of collectable maps.

67. Nebenzahl, Kenneth. Atlas of Columbus and the Great Discoveries. Chicago: Rand McNally, 1990. 168p. [Ayer folio G1100.N43 1990 - in Map Room]

Large, legible, full-color reproductions of some fifty mansucript and printed maps, 1375-1599, with commentary and bibliography.

68. Nordenskiold, A. E. Facsimile-Atlas to the Early History of Cartography . Stockholm: Printed by P. A. Norstedt & soner, 1889. 141p., 51 maps. [Ayer 135.5 N8 1889]

A classic work, still almost in daily use.

Another copy: [+ G 004.63].

Reprinted New York: Dover, 1973 [Map 6C 73 - in Map Room].

69. Nordenskiold, A. E. Periplus: an Essay on the Early History of Charts and Sailing-Directions. Stockholm: P.A. Norstedt & soner, 1897. 208p. [Ayer 135.5 N8 1897]

Companion volume to Nordenskiöld’s Facsimile Atlas to the Early History of Cartography. Another copy: [+ G 1001.63]. Reprinted New York: Burt Franklin, 1967? [oversize G1025.N73 1967 - in Map Room].

70. Putman, Robert. Early Sea Charts. New York: Abbeville Press, 1983. 143p. [GA359.P79 1983 - in Map Room]

Large, legible, full-color reproductions of 76 manuscript and printed maps, 1339-1738, with commentary.

71. Raisz, Erwin. “The History of Maps.” In General Cartography, 2nd ed., p. 7-70. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1948. [Ayer 129 R15 1948 - in Map Room]

A good, brief history which includes the marvelously compact and fact-filled “Timecharts of Historcal Cartography,” which originally appeared in Imago Mundi 2 (1937): 9-16.

72. Ravenstein, Ernest George. “History of Cartography.” In The Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th ed. [Ref folio AE5.E36 vol. 17]

Published 1911 in vol. 17, p. 633-653. Still a useful summary history.

73. Robinson, Arthur Howard. Early Thematic Mapping in the History of Cartography. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1982. 266p. [GA201.R63 1982 - in Map Room]

On the history of the mapping of particular phenomena (e.g. rainfall, population, elevation) as opposed to general topographical mapping. A pioneering work with lots of illustrations and a good bibliography. See also Harms’ Themen alter Karten and Wallis and Robinson’s Cartographical Innovations.

74. Singer, Charles E., E. J. Holmyard, and A. R. Hall. A History of Technology. New York: Oxford University Press, 1955-1958. 5v. [Ref T15.S53]

The only comprehensive treatment of cartographic technologies (but see also Monmonier’s Technological Transition in Cartography). Cartographic contents: Charles Singer, Derek J. Price, and E. G. R. Taylor, “Cartography, survey and navigation, to 1400” (v. 3, p. 521-529) – E. G. R. Taylor, “Cartography, survey, and navigation, 1400-1750” (v. 3, p. 530-557) – R. A. Skelton, “Cartography [18th cent.]” (v. 4, p. 596-628) – D. H. Fryer, “Cartography and aids to navigation [19th cent.]” (v. 5, p. 438-465). A bound xerox copy of these pages in on the Map Ready Reference Shelf.

75. Skelton, R. A. Decorative Printed Maps of the 15th to 18th Centuries: a Rev. Ed. of Old Decorative Maps and Charts. London: Staples Press, [1952]. 80p. [Ayer 129 S62 1952]

76. Skelton, R. A. Explorers’ Maps: Chapters in the Cartographic Record of Geographical Discovery. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1958. 337p. [Ayer 129 S62 1958]

A reprint, with revisions, of a series of 14 articles published in the Geographical Magazine (London) between July 1953 and Aug. 1956.

77. Skelton, R. A. Maps: a Historical Survey of Their Study and Collecting. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1975. 138p. [GA197.3.S55 1975 - in Map Room]

Illustrated. The first is part is a brief summary of the history of cartography from the middle ages to the present. First published in 1972 following the Kenneth Nebenzahl Jr. Lectures in the History of Cartography at the Newberry Library [Ayer 4A 1270].

78. Thiele, Walter. Official Map Publications. Chicago: American Library Association, 1938. 356p. [g 10.87 - in Map Room]

The “Historical Sketch” (p. 1-115) covers the main points well, with particular emphasis on the mapping of America. Another copy: [Ayer 129 T43 1938].

79. Thrower, Norman J. W. Maps & Man: an Examination of Cartography in Relation to Culture and Civilization. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1972. 184p. [4A 14200 - in Map Room]

Especially useful for the nineteenth and twentieth centuries including the development of thematic cartography.

80. Thrower, Norman J. W. The Compleat Plattmaker: Essays on Chart, Map, and Globe Making in England in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1978. 241p. [GA791.C65]

A fine survey of the English mapping experience in these centuries.

81. Wallis, Helen and Arthur Howard Robinson. Cartographical Innovations: an International Handbook of Mapping Terms to 1900. Tring, Middlesex: Map Collector Publications, 1987. 353p. [GA107.9 .C3 1987 - in Map Room]

A sort of alphabetical history of cartography, this unusual reference book provides brief historical sketches of types of maps, cartographic techniques, etc. This is where you go to find a reference to the first contour map, or the history of map orientation. See also Harms’ Themen alter Karten and Robinson’s Early Thematic Mapping in the History of Cartography.

82. Wilford, John Noble. The Mapmakers. New York: Knopf, 1981. 414p. [GA105.3.W49 1981]

A readable, popular history, with a good deal of emphasis given to technological innovation in map mapking–finding the longitude, geodesy, remote sensing, etc. Strong on modern mapping. Also available as a Random House paperback.

83. Woodward, David. “Cartography.” In Osborne, Harold.The Oxford Companion to the Decorative Arts, 118-125. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1975. [Ref NK30.O93]

A very concise, authoritative outline of the subject.


84. The Discovery of North America. London: Elek, 1971. 304p. [Ayer 6A 69 - in Map Room]

Edited by W.P. Cumming, R.A. Skelton and D.B. Quinn. With 362 illustrations, many of them maps, this is a de facto a facsimile atlas for the period up to 1630. Continued by The Exploration of North America, 1630-1776.

85. The Exploration of North America, 1630-1776. New York: Putnam’s, 1974. 272p. [Ayer 6A 129 - in Map Room]

Edited by W.P. Cumming, S.E. Hillier, D.B. Quinn and G. Williams. Companion volume to The Discovery of North America.

86. Hulbert, Archer Butler. The Crown Collection of Photographs of American Maps. Cleveland and London: 1907-1916. 14v. [Ayer 136 H91 1907, 1909, 1914]

Reproduces maps in the British Musuem and Colonial Office, London. Later series contain newly compiled maps of western U.S. trails, etc.

87. Modelski, Andrew M. Railroad Maps of North America: the First Hundred Years. Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1984. 1 atlas. [folio G1106.P3 M6 1984]

88. Ristow, Walter William. American Maps and Mapmakers: Commercial Cartography in the Nineteenth Century. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1985. 488p. [Ayer GA405.R57 - in Map Room]

Not a synthetic history, but packed with information about some of the most important publishers and their works. Good illustrations.

89. Schwartz, Seymour I. and Ralph E. Ehrenberg. The Mapping of America. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1980. 363p. [Ayer folio GA401.S38 - in Map Room]

A solid survey, with lots of good illustrations, many in color.

90. United States. War Dept. The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War. New York: Fairfax Press, 1983. 1 atlas. [oversize G1201.S5 U6 1983]

Reprint of Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Washington, D.C. : G.P.O., 1891. Indexed by O’Reilly, Noel Sever, et al., Civil War Maps: A Graphic Index. Chicago: Newberry Library, 1987. 68 p. [Local History G1201.S5 U6 Index].


91. Elliot, James. The City in Maps: Urban Mapping to 1900: an Exhibition in the Map Gallery, British Library. London: The British Library, 1987. 88p. [GA203.E44 - in Map Room]

A brief, comprehensive survey, well-illustrated.


92. Akerman, James R. “On the Shoulders of a Titan: Viewing the World of the Past in Atlas Structure.” PhD thesis, Penn State University, 1991. 688p. [GA300.A43 1991a]

The fullest treatment of the atlas as a distinctive cartographic genre.

93. Allen, Phillip. The Atlas of Atlases: the Map Maker’s Vision of the World. Atlases From the Cadbury Collection, Birmingham Central Library. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1992. 160p. [folio G1025 GA300.A36 1992 - in Map Room]

Lavishly illustrated sampling of atlases, 1482-1897.


Information on specific globes or globe makers can be uncommonly hard to come by. In the past, as today, globes were more often reckoned as furniture than as cartography. Few libraries collect them actively and they are not listed in the standard map catalogs or bibliographies. There is a pattern now for recording globe holdings on a national basis, either through monographs or in lists in Der Globusfreund (item 96).

94. Dekker, Elly and P. C. J. van der Krogt. Globes From the Western World. London: Zwemmer, 1993. 183p. [folio GA260.D44 1993 - in Map Room]

95. Fauser, Alois. Die Welt in Handen. Kurze Kulturgeschichte Des Globus. Stuttgart: Schuler, 1967. 184p. [5A 7740 - in Map Room]

A pictorial survey with excellent reproductions.

96. Der Globusfreund 1 (1952) +. Vienna: Coronelli-Weltbund d. Globusfreunde, 1952-date. [GA 101.G56 - in Map Room]

Annual, mostly articles in German. Includes many lists of globes by collection, but lacks an index.

97. Krogt, P. C. J. van der. Old Globes in the Netherlands: a Catalog of Terrestrial and Celestial Globes Made Prior to 1850 and Preserved in Dutch Collections. Utrecht: HES, 1984. 290p. [GA193.N4 K76 - in Map Room]

98. Muris, Oswald and Gert Saarmann. Der Globus Im Wandel Der Zeiten: Eine Geschichte Der Globen. Berlin: Columbus Verlag, 1961. 287p. [GA 260.M87 - in Map Room]

99. Stevenson, Edward Luther. Terrestrial and Celestial Globes: Their History and Construction, Including a Consideration of Their Value As Aids in the Study of Geography and Astronomy. Publications of the Hispanic Society of America, no. 86. New Haven: For the Hispanic society of America by the Yale university press; etc., 1921. 2 v. [Ayer 131 G5 S85 1921 - in Map Room]

The standard English language work on globe. Includes a list of globes. Reprinted New York: Johnson Reprint, 1971.

100. Yonge, Ena L. A Catalog of Early Globes, Made Prior to 1850 and Conserved in the United States. American Geographical Society Library Series, no. 6. New York: American Geographical Society, 1968. 118p. [Ayer 290 Y78 1968 - in Map Room]


Inevitably, the question arises about an early map, “just how was this map made?” For those larger-scale maps which most likely relied at least to some extent on actual measurements, the sources below will provide some answers. See also item 49.

101. Andrews, John Harwood. Plantation Acres: an Historical Study of the Irish Land Surveyor and His Maps. The U.H.F. historical series, no. 8. Belfast: Ulster Historical Foundation, 1985. 462p. [TA526.G73 A53]

An admirable social history. The chapter on methods (“Tricks of the Trade,” p. 297-332) and would apply equally well to surveying elsewhere in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

102. Bedini, Silvio A. Early American Scientific Instruments and Their Makers. U.S. National Museum., Bulletin 231. Washington: Museum of History and Technology, 1964. 184p. [A 483.08]

Many good illustrations of surveying instruments.

103. Higman, B. W. Jamaica Surveyed: Plantation Maps and Plans of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Kingston: Institute of Jamaica, 1988. 307p. [GA109.5 H54 1988]

Chapter 3, “Surveying and Planmaking” (p. 17-79) contains much valuable material on the training and social conditions of surveyors and the techniques of surveying and drafting.

104. Hughes, Sarah S. Surveyors and Statesmen: Land Measuring in Colonial Virginia. Richmond, Va.: Virginia Surveyors Foundation and Virginia Association of Surveyors, 1979. 196p. [folio TA522.V8 H83]

An excellent social history of the colonial American land surveyor, with good accounts of his equipment and working methods.

105. Kiely, Edmond Richard. Surveying Instruments: Their History and Classroom Use. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 19th Yearbook. New York: Teachers College, Columbia University, 1947. 411p. [4A 12461]

The first 237 pages of this excellent work, covering the history of the instruments, have been reprinted: Columbus, Ohio: Carben Survey, 1979. Issued also as thesis, Columbia Univ.

106. Richeson, Allie Wilson. English Land Measuring to 1880: Instruments and Practices. Cambridge, Mass.: Society for the History of Technology and the M.I.T. Press, 1966. 214p. [4A 13466]

The basic work on early modern surveying

107. Stewart, Lowell O. Public Land Surveys: History, Instructions, Methods. Minneapolis, MN.: Meyers Printing Co., 1976. 202p. [TA622.S75 1976]

A history of the rectangular survey of the United States public lands. Available from Landmark Enterprises, Sacramento, Calif. Originally published Ames, Iowa: Collegiate Press, Inc., 1935.

108. Taylor, Eva Germaine Rimington. The Haven-Finding Art: a History of Navigation From Odysseus to Captain Cook. London: Hollis & Carter, 1956. 295p. [Ayer 8.9 N2 T23 1956]

Classic treatment of early navigational techniques and instruments.

Map Librarianship

General Works

109. Bartlett, James and Douglas Marshall. Maps in the Small Historical Society: Care and Cataloging. Nashville, Tenn.: American Association for State and Local History, 1979. 12p. [F 83.015 v. 34]

History News 34 (January 1979): Technical Leaflet, 111.

110. Brown, Lloyd Arnold. Notes on the Care & Cataloguing of Old Maps. Windham, Conn.: Hawthorn house, 1941. 110p. [Ayer 290 B93 1941 - in Map Room]

Still the only monographic treatment of old maps in libraries, this is a thoughtful, practical (and nicely made) little book full of good advice and advancing a refreshingly brief catalog card. Reprinted Port Washington, N.Y.: Kennikat Press, 1970.

111. Ehrenberg, Ralph E. Archives & Manuscripts: Maps and Architectural Drawings. SAA basic manual series. Chicago: Society of American Archivists, 1982. 64p. [Map Cataloging Section]

A good introduction to all aspects of work in a collection of archival maps and drawings, including accession, arrangement, description, conservation, storage and reference, all from the slightly different perspective of the archivist.

112. Farrell, Barbara and Aileen Desbarats. Guide for a Small Map Collection, 2nd ed. Ottawa: Association of Canadian Map Libraries, 1984. 101p. [Z692.M3 F37 1984]

Sound guidance in all aspects of operating a one-person (or half- or quarter-person) map library, much of it applicable to historical collections as well.

113. Larsgaard, Mary Lynette. Map Librarianship: an Introduction, 2nd ed. Littleton, Colo.: Libraries Unlimited, 1987. 382p. [Z692.M3 L37 1987]

Larsgaard writes from long experience in every aspect of running a map library. Sensible, practical advice, delivered with wit and humor, and much of it applicable to historical collections.


114. Baseline: a Newsletter of the Map and Geography Round Table. v.1 (1981) +. Chicago, Ill.: The Round Table, 1981-date. [Map Cataloging Section]

Published six times per year, comes with MAGERT membership. News on meetings. new publications, exhibitions, regular column on cataloging.

115. Bulletin. v.1 (1951) +. New York: Special Libraries Association, Geography and Map Division, 1951-date. [folio Z673.S8224]

The oldest of the map librarianship journals, with regular columns on cataloging and good lists of recent publications.

116. Bulletin. v.1 (1968) +. Ottawa: Association of Canadian Map Libraries, 1968-date. [folio G193.C3 A93]

Especially useful, of course, for the Canadian scene, but with regular columns on cataloging and conservation and frequent contributions on historical topics.

117. Information Bulletin. v.1 (1969) +. Santa Cruz, Calif.: Western Association of Map Libraries, 1969-date. [folio Z673.W47 - in Map Room]

Consistently one of the most interesting and informative of the map library journals. Includes a regular column on “Microcartography.”

118. Meridian: a Journal of the Map and Geography Round Table of the American Library Association. v.1 (1989) +. Chicago: The Round Table, 1989-date. [folio Z692.M3 M47]

The latest entry in the field, it has already published several articles on historical subjects.

Physical Characteristics of Maps


Readers who have had no experience looking at antiquarian maps sometimes have a difficult time seeing old maps as the products of printing. Often the presence of manuscript coloring tricks them into thinking that a copper-engraved map, for instance, is actually a manuscript. But it’s surprising how often even writers about old maps, who should know better, misread the physical evidence about the maps they study.

119. Woodward, David. “The Form of Maps: an Introductory Framework.” In The 1976 Bookman’s Yearbook, p. 11-20. Clifton, N.J.: AB Bookman Publications, 1976. [Z 990 .A18 vol. 1]

Provides some basic vocabulary for thinking about maps as physical objects.

Printing Techniques

120. Brunner, Felix. A Handbook of Graphic Reproduction Processes. Teufen, Switzerland: Arthur Niggli, 1962. 379p. [Wing Z 41285.125 - in Map Room]

An excellent guide, very well illustrated.

121. Gascoigne, Bamber. How to Identify Prints: a Complete Guide to Manual and Mechanical Processes From Woodcut to Ink Jet. London: Thames and Hudson, 1986. [208]p. in various pagings. [Tech Serv NE850.G37 1986 - in Tech Servs]

Leisurely perusal of pictures and captions alone will be instructive.

122. Ivins, William Mills. How Prints Look: Photographs With a Commentary. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1943. 164p. [Wing Z 41285.447 - in Map Room]

Concerned with fine arts prints, but directly applicable to maps. A classic introduction to the characteristics of the various techniques, well-illustrated by enlarged photographs. Still available in a revised edition, with Marjorie B. Cohn, Boston: Beacon Press, 1987.

123. Pearson, Karen Louise Severud. Lithographic Maps in Nineteenth Century Geographical Journals.1978. 351 leaves. [folio GA150.P43]

Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1978.

Includes the only extended discussion I’ve ever seen on the lithographic transfer process, the means by which 19th century map publishers “repackaged” their maps and made lithographic prints from copper engravings.

124. Saff, Donald and Deli Sacilotto. Printmaking: History and Process. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1978. 436p. [folio NE850.S23]

Very good photographs of artists engaged in the various printmaking processes.

125. Woodward, David and Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography. The All-American Map: Wax Engraving and Its Influence on Cartography. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1977. 168p. [GA150.W59 - in Map Room]

Anyone who attended American public schools from the 1880s through the 1950s was raised on wax engraved maps. A case study of the way in which a reproduction technique influences the “look” of maps, and ultimately, public perception of what maps are supposed to look like.

126. Woodward, David. Five Centuries of Map Printing. The Kenneth Nebenzahl, Jr., lectures in the history of cartography at the Newberry Library. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1975. 177p. [Wing f Z 4225.303 - in Map Room]

An essential reference book, with thorough essays by six authors covering the whole range of map printing options through the age of photolithography.

Paper and Ink

127. Leif, Irving P. An International Sourcebook of Paper History. Hamden, Conn.: Archon; London: Dawson, 1978. 160p. [Wing Z7914.P2 L527]

The most complete guide to the large and scattered literature on the watermarks of various periods and regions, with 2185 entries.

128. Woodward, David. “The Analysis of paper and ink in early maps.” In Library trends 36, no. 1 (Summer 1987): 85-107. [Z 007.516 vol. 36]

Also published in Stephen Spector, ed., Essays in Paper Analysis (Washington, D.C.: Folger Shakespeare Library, 1987), p. 200-21. Woodward has pioneered the use of beta-radiography and particle induced x-ray emission in the study of maps with quite interesting results. For instance, beta-radiography makes it possible to reproduce watermarks with a clarity and precision never before possible.

Mathematical Characteristics of Maps

Units of Measurement

129. International Geographical Union. Geographical Conversion Tables. Zurich: Aschmann & Scheller, 1961. 315p. [QC88.I58]

Compiled and edited by D.H.K. Amiran and A.P. Schick. Nothing on old units of measure, but very thorough tables covering conversions between modern units, conversion of map scales, lengths of meridians and parallels, etc., in English and metric units.

130. “Measure.” In Webster’s New International Dictionary, Unabridged. 2nd ed., p. 1521-1524. [f X 992.9645 - in Spec. Colls. Reading Rm.]

In 1952 edition. The best compact list of old units of measure, with modern equivalents in English and metric units.

131. Reasonover, John Roy. Land Measures: French, Spanish and English Land Measures of the United States and Canada, With Units, English Equivalents, Reduction and Conversion Factors. Houston: Priv. print., 1946. 124p. [4A 19192]

Prime Meridians

See also item 139

132. Haag, Heinrich. Die Geschichte Des Nullmeridians. Leipzig: Otto Wigand, 1913. 111p. [4A 18055]

Probably more than you want to know about prime meridians. The world map accompanying this work is filed separately [Map2F 3201.B3].


133. Boggs, Samuel Whittemore and Dorothy Cornwell Lewis. “Map Projections.” In The Classification and Cataloging of Maps and Atlases, p. 81-91. New York: Special Libraries Association, 1945. [Z 107.8 - Map Cataloging Section]

A technique for classifying and encoding map projections that looks easier than it is.

134. Chamberlin, Wellman. The Round Earth on Flat Paper: Map Projections Used by Cartographers. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Society, 1947. 126p. [GA110.C4 1947]

With its clear text and Charles Riddiford’s superb drawings, this remains one of the most accessible introductions to the subject. Issued as a separate, not part of the magazine

135. Keuning, Johannes. “The History of geographical map projections until 1600.” In Imago mundi 12 (1955): 1-24. [Ayer 129 I53 vol. 12 - in Map Room]

136. Snyder, John Parr. Flattening the Earth: Two Thousand Years of Map Projections. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993. 365p. [GA110.110 S576 1993 - in Map Room]

The only comprehensive history in English. Formulas are given, but the text is more narrative than mathematical.

137. Snyder, John Parr and Harry Steward. Bibliography of Map Projections. U.S. Geological Survey bulletin., 1856. Washington, D.C.: G.P.O., 1988. 110p. [folio Z6021.B53 1989 - in Map Room]

With over 2,500 entries on all aspects of projections, this is the most comprehensive bibliography available. Arranged by author, with index to projections.

Cataloging and Cartobibliography


138. Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules. 2nd, revised, ed. Chicago: American Library Association, 1988. 677p. [Map Cataloging Section]

Edited by Michael Gorman and Paul W. Winkler. Chapter 3, “Cartographic Materials” (p. 92-121) has been the model for much of the map cataloging done in the English-speaking world for over a decade.

139. Boggs, Samuel Whittemore and Dorothy Cornwell Lewis. The Classification and Cataloging of Maps and Atlases. New York: Special Libraries Association, 1945. 175p. [Z 7.108 - Map Cataloging Section]

Still a sensible and useful guide in many matters. The list of subject headings (p. 142-146) is very good. Includes also a list of prime meridians. Reprinted Ann Arbor: University Microfilms International, 1979.

140. International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. ISBD (CM): International Standard Bibliographic Description for Cartographic Materials. London: IFLA International Office for UBC, 1977. 58p. [Map Cataloging Section]

Not a cataloging code (atlthough one could catalog with it). Theoretically, at least, this is the standard on which chapter 3 of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd ed. is based. It has the advantage of being more comprehensive than chapter 3 and considerably briefer than Hugo Stibbe’s Cartographic Materials: A Manual of Interpretation for AACR2; it also has a good set of full cataloging examples.

141. Krummel, Donald William. Bibliographies, Their Aims and Methods. London, New York: Mansell, 1984. 192p. [Ref Z1001.K86 1984]

Thoughtful, systematic approach to the task of compiling an enumerative bibliography, (or, certainly, cartobibliography).

142. OCLC. Maps Format. 2nd ed. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC, 1986. 1v. (loose-leaf). [Map Cataloging Section]

Fields and subfields of the machine-readable record for maps are described, with instructions for inputting. Superseded by OCLC’s Bibliographic formats and standards. 2nd ed. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC, 1996 [Map Cataloging Section].

143. Stibbe, Hugo L. Cartographic Materials: a Manual of Interpretation for AACR2. Chicago: Ottawa: American Library Association; Canadian Library Association, 1982. 258p. [Z 695.6 C37 1982 - Map Cataloging Section]

Prepared by the Anglo-American Cataloguing Committee for Cartographic Materials, and edited by Stibbe. Fleshes out the bare pages of Anglo-American cataloguing rules chapter 3 with many examples, notes on practices of national libraries, illustrations, etc. Specifically steers clear of addressing antiquarian maps directly, but much of it is, of course, applicable.

Cartobibliographical Description

144. Cook, Andrew S. Edition, Printing, Issue, and State As Terms in Cartobibliography. 6p. [Map Room Vert 879 - in Map Room]

Paper read at International Conference on the History of Cartography, 13th, Amsterdam, 1989. Following up on Tanselle’s “The Description of Non-Letterpress Material in Books” in Studies in Bibliography 35 (1982), this is another argument for the use of traditional bibliographical terms in cartobibliography.

145. Karrow, Robert W. “Cartobibliography.” In The 1976 Bookman’s Yearbook, p. 43-52. Clifton, N.J.: AB Bookman Publications, 1976. [Z 990.A18 vol. 1]

An attempt to draw parallels between bibliography and cartobibliography.

146. Karrow, Robert W. “The Role of cartobibliography in the history of cartography.” In [Association of Canadian Map Libraries] Bulletin 57 (December 1985): 1-13. [folio G193.C3 A93 no. 57]

Comparison of different levels of map description and some suggestions for future cartobibliographical projects.

147. Tanselle, G. Thomas. “The Description of non-letterpress material in books.” Studies in bibliography 35 (1982): 1-42. [Ref Z 008.946]

Thought-provoking essay that applies as well to separate maps and prints. Takes issue with Coolie Verner’s “Carto-bibliographical description” in The American Cartographer 1 (1974). Tanselle argues strongly for using the traditional bibliographical terms “edition,” “printing,” “issue,” and “state” in describing maps, music, and prints as well as texts.

148. Verner, Coolie. “Carto-bibliographical description: the analysis of variants in maps printed from copperplates.” The American cartographer 1 (1974): 77-87. [GA101.A49 no. 1]

Although pretty well discredited on theoretical grounds by Tanselle’s “Description of non-letterpress material in books” in Studies in Bibliography 35 (1982), it’s worth studying Verner since he was the principal practicing cartobibliographer in America for some twenty years and his terminology has been rather widely accepted.

Biographical Sources

The people involved in the making of maps are of great interest to both the historian of cartography and the map cataloger. The few biographical sources specifically concerned with cartographers are listed below, as well as some more general sources which have proven their usefulness for cartographic research.

General Biography

150. Bonacker, Wilhelm. Kartenmacher Aller Lander Und Zeiten. Stuttgart: Anton Hiersemann, 1966. 243p. [Ayer 132 B69 1966 - in Map Cataloging Section]

Often the best place to start. Particularly good on European, especially German, cartographers. Also includes twentieth century cartographers and historians of cartography.

151. Harms, Hans. Künstler Des Kartenbildes: Biographien Und Portrats. Oldenburg: Ernst Völker, 1962. 245p. [f G 07.386 - in Map Room]

Brief sketches and portraits of approximately 100 cartographers, engravers, and publishers, sixteenth-eighteenth centuries.

152. Karrow, Robert W. Mapmakers of the Sixteenth Century and Their Maps: Bio-Bibliographies of the Cartographers of Abraham Ortelius, 1570. Chicago: Speculum Orbis Press for the Newberry Library, 1993. 846p. [Map Ref GA198.K37 1993 - in Map Room]

Biographical accounts of 87 of the most influential cartographers of the sixteenth century, with descriptions of over 2,000 maps.

153. Nagler, Georg. Die Monogrammisten Und Diejenigen Bekannten Und Unbekannten Kunstler Aller Schulen. Munich: G. Franz, 1881. 5v. + general index (1920). [W 0105.61]

Index to the monograms used by artists and engravers, with short biographical notes. Reprinted Nieuwkoop: DeGraaf, 1966.

154. The National Union Catalog: Pre-1956 Imprints. London: Mansell, 1968-1981. 754v. [Ref Z881.A1 U518]

This enormous catalog includes thousands of atlases and a large number of monographic maps entered under their “authors”; it is an excellent source of name information. Vols. 686-754 are a supplement.

155. Theime, Ulrich and Felix Becker. Allgemeines Lexikon Der Bildenden Kunstler Von Der Antike Bis Zur Gegenwart. Leipzig: Seemann, 1970-1971. 37v. [Ref N40.T42 1970]

Reprint of original published Leipzig: W. Engelmann, 1907-50. The standard dictionary of artists, including engravers and lithographers. For Americans, first try the New York Historical Society’s Dictionary of Artists in America, 1564-1860.

156. Tooley, R. V. Tooley’s Dictionary of Mapmakers. New York: Amsterdam, Netherlands: Alan R. Liss, 1979. 684p. [Map Ref GA198.T66 - in Map Room]

Along with Bonacker’s Kartenmacher aller Länder und Zeiten, a good place to begin. Also lists significant works by the cartographers. Now joined by a supplement: New York: Liss, 1985. 116p. [Map Ref GA198.T66 Suppl.]

American Biography

157. Callahan, Edward William. List of Officers of the Navy of the United States and of the Marine Corps From 1775 to 1900. New York: Haskell House, 1969. 749p. [oV11.U7 C2 1969]

A standard list, originally New York: L.R. Hamersly & Co., 1901.

158. The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography. 1893-date. Clifton, N.J.: J. T. White, [Ref E176.N27]

Biographical sketches of the lesser figures of American history. This is where you will find state officials, civil engineers, etc.

159. Heitman, Francis B. Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army: From Its Organization, September 29, 1789, to March 2, 1903. Washington, D.C.: G.P.O., 1903. 2v. [U11.U5]

A standard list. Often gives dates of graduation from military academy and death. Reprinted Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1965 [Local History U11.U5 H6 1965]

160. New York Historical Society. The New York Historical Society’s Dictionary of Artists in America, 1564-1860. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1957. 759p. [W 083.622 - in Map Cataloging Section]

Compiled by George C. Groce and David H. Wallace. A gold mine of data on engravers, topographical draftsmen, and others working on maps. Uses data from census records and city directories.

161. Who Was Who in America: Historical Volume 1607-1896. Rev. ed. Chicago: Marquis Who’s Who, Inc., 1967. 689p. [Ref E176.W64 1942]

A nice compendium of the great and near-great, including a number of folks associated with maps.

Great Britain Biography

162. Chubb, Thomas. “Bibliographical Notes Upon the Makers, Engravers and Publishers.” In The Printed Maps in the Atlases of Great Britain and Ireland, p. 417-57. London: Homeland Assoc., 1927. [g 10449.16 - in Map Room]

Notes on ca. 200 British cartographers, engravers, and publishers, 1579-1870. Another copy: [f g 1045.17 - in Map Room].

163. The Dictionary of National Biography From the Beginnings to 1930. London: Oxford University Press, 1939. 1456, 184p. [E 445.84132 - in Tech Servs]

A distillation of the 27v. work.

164. Eden, Peter. Dictionary of Land Surveyors and Local Cartographers of Great Britain and Ireland, 1550-1850. London: Dawson, 1975-1976. 377p. [TA526.G7 D52]

165. Robinson, Adrian Henry Wardle. “Additional Biographical Notes on Some of the Sixteenth-Century Surveyors and Chart-Makers.” In Marine Cartography in Britain: a History of the Sea Chart to 1855, p. 145-151. Leicester: Leicester University Press, 1962. [f G 006.752]

166. Skelton, R. A. “The London Map-Trade Before 1700.” In County Atlases of the British Isles, 1579-1850: a Bibliography, p. 231-250. London: Map Collectors’ Circle, 1970. [Map Ref Z6003.M3 no. 63 - in Map Room]

Forms part of the Map Collectors’ Series, no. 64. Includes (p.241-249) a “Biographical List of London Map-Publishers Active before 1700 (Excluding Hydrographic Publishers).” Another copy: [Ayer 129.5 E3 S67 1964 pt. 5]. Reprinted London: Carta Press, 1970.

167. Tyacke, Sarah. London Map-Sellers, 1660-1720: a Collection of Advertisements for Maps Placed in the London Gazette, 1668-1719, With Biographical Notes on the Map-Sellers. Tring, Herts.: Map Collector Publications, 1978. 160p. [Z326.T92]

Place Names


168. Sealock, Richard Burl, Margaret M. Sealock, and Margaret S. Powell. Bibliography of Place-Name Literature: United States and Canada. 3rd ed. Chicago: American Library Association, 1982. 435p. [Ref Z6824.S4 1982]

Lists huge gazetteers and small articles on a single name in a single alphabetical list. Sometimes hard to use, but essential.

169. Sheehy, Eugene P. Guide to Reference Books. 10th ed. Chicago: American Library Association, 1986. 1560p. [Ref Z1035.1 .S43 1986]

Sections on “Gazetteers” and “Geographical Names and Terms” (p. 944-957) are good surveys with world coverage.

General Lists in English

170. The Columbia Lippincott Gazetteer of the World. Morningside Heights, N.Y.: Columbia University Press ; by arrangement with J.B. Lippincott Co., 1952. 2148p. [f G 005.188a - in Map Room]

Edited by Leon E. Seltzer. Works just fine for old maps. The 1962 edition includes 22 pages of addenda at end [Ref G103.L7 1962]

171. Omni Gazetteer of the United States of America. Detroit, Mich.: Omnigraphics, Inc., 1991. 11v. [Ref E154.O45 1991]

Edited by Frank R. Abate. Lists every place name on every one of umpteen thousand USGS topographic maps, with coordinates. Useful for historical work, since vestiges of old toponymy are often preserved in names of churches, cemeteries, and hamlets, all listed here.

Multi-Lingual Lists

172. Lana, Gabriella et al. Glossary of Geographical Names in Six Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Dutch. Glossaria interpretum., 12. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 1967. 184p. [Ayer 73 L24 1967 - in Map Room]

This is where you learn that what the Germans call München and we call Munich, the Italian call Monaco.

Latin Place Names

At least one of these lists should be on hand for help with Latin place-names in imprints and titles.

173. Deschamps, Pierre. Dictionnaire De Geographie Ancienne Et Moderne, Suivi De L’Imprimerie Hors L’Europe. Paris: G.-P. Maisonneuve & Larose, [1964]. 1592 cols., 208p. [Wing Z 005.223 - in Map Cataloging Section]

First published in 1870 as 2nd supplement to Jacques Charles Brunet’s Manuel du Libraire et de l’Amateur de Livres. Paris: Firmin-Didot, 1860-65.

174. Grässe, Johann Georg Theodor. Orbis Latinus: Lexikon Lateinischer Geographischer Namen Des Mittelalters Und Der Neuzeit. Braunschweig: Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1972. 3v. [G 005.362 - in Spec. Colls. Reading Rm.]

Antiquarian Map Trade

See also items 31, 263.

175. American Book-Prices Current. New York: 1895-date. [Z 482.03 - in Tech Servs]

Annual publication which records items sold at auction (with prices realized) in the English-speaking world. Under “Maps & Charts” maps are indexed geographically.

176. Book Auction Records. London: 1903-date. [Z 482.77 - in Tech Servs]

Annual. Like American Book-Prices Current, records auction sales, but also includes German, French, Belgian, Dutch, and Swiss sales as well. Maps listed under cartographer.

177. Antique Map Price Record & Handbook. Amherst, Mass.: Kimmel Publications, 1993-date. [GA197.3 .A7 - in Map Room]

Annual and biennual. A record of prices of maps listed in selected American and English dealer’s catalogs. Has become an invaluable source for estimating values of the more common run of antiquarian maps, most ex atlases. Earlier volumes compiled by David C. Jolly under former title: Antique Maps, Sea Charts, City Views, Celestial Charts & Battle Plans. Brookline, Mass.: D.C. Jolly, 1983-1992.

Photocopying and Microforms

178. Cruse, Larry. “Microcartography.” [Western Association of Map Libraries] Information bulletin 11, no. 2 (March 1980) + [folio Z673.W47 - in Map Room]

A regular column with good, up-to-date information on the microreproduction of maps, including cooperative filming ventures.

179. Cruse, Larry. Microcartography: Applications for Archives and Libraries. Occasional paper., 6. Santa Cruz, Calif.: Western Association of Map Libraries, 1981. 199p. [GA192.M52]

Proceeding of a conference in which several papers explicitly treat the filming of historical maps. Good annotated bibliography.

180. Ehrenberg, Ralph E. “Photocopying Rare Maps and Atlases.” In The 1976 Bookman’s Yearbook, p. 31-42. Clifton, N.J.: AB Bookman Publications, 1976. [Z 990.A18 vol. 1]

The most thorough treatment of the subject, but digitization is rapidly changing this picture.


181. Akers, Robert C. “Cleaning and restoration of maps.” In Map collector 10 (March 1980): 19-22. [folio GA101.M28 no. 10 - in Map Room]

Not a do-it-yourself guide but an outline of the basic treatments available.

182. Association of Canadian Map Libraries. Map Collections in Canada and Conservation: a Report Based on Responses to a Questionnaire Distributed by the Conservation Committee, 1976. Ottawa: The Association, 1979. 50, 63p. [folio GA108.5 .A78 1979]

A good guide to current practices, covering storage, use by readers, ownership marking, repairs, tracing, photoduplication, exhibition, etc. English and French, tumble format.

183. Banks, Paul N. “The Conservation of Maps and Atlases.” In The 1976 Bookman’s Yearbook, p. 53-62. Clifton, N.J.: AB Bookman Publications, 1976. [Z 990.A18 vol. 1]

A concise review of the problems and options for treatment.

184. Clapp, Anne F. Curatorial Care of Works of Art on Paper: Basic Procedures for Paper Preservation. New York: Nick Lyons Books, 1987. 191p. [TS1109.C55 1987 - in Con Lab]

Designed for conservation technicians. Gives up-to-date advice on environmental and storage conditions, and directions for matting, framing, mending, and the simpler aqueous treatments.

185. Kidd, Betty H. “Preventive conservation for map collections.” In Special libraries 71 (December 1980): 529-538. [Z 007.86 v.71]

186. Larsgaard, Mary Lynette. “Storage, Care, and Repair.” In Map Librarianship: an Introduction. 2nd ed., p. 163-197. Littleton, Colo.: Libraries Unlimited, 1987. [Z692.M3 L37 1987]

187. Library of Congress. Preservation Office. Polyester Film Encapsulation. Washington: Library of Congress, 1980. 23p. [Z701.U54 1980]

Clear description of the best and simplest treatment for maps available. Another version appears in the Western Association of Map Libraries Information Bulletin 10, no.2 (March 1979): 117-27.

Map Use and Interpretation


188. Parry, J. H. “Old maps are slippery witnesses.” In Harvard magazine [Alumni ed.] 78, no. 8 (April 1976): 32-41. [Map Room Vert 1488 - in Map Room]

189. Skelton, R. A. Looking at an Early Map. Lawrence: University of Kansas Libraries, 1965. 29, [3]p. [GA231]

An attempt to “illustrate some of the lines of thought and practice by which an early cartographer might arrive at the design in his end-product, and some of the principles which should guide us in fathoming his intention” (p. 28).

190. Wiberley, Stephen E. “Editing maps: a method for historical cartography.” In The Journal of interdisciplinary history 10 (1980): 499-510. [DA1.J59]

An important article with good advice and warnings for those who want to base new maps on old.

Localized Studies

191. Andrews, John Harwood. History in the Ordnance Map: an Introduction for Irish Readers. Dublin: Ordnance Survey Office, 1974. 63p. [5A 3679 - in Map Room]

192. Buisseret, David. From Sea Charts to Satellite Images: Interpreting North American History Through Maps. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1990. 304p. [E179.F84 1990]

A book of case studies, in which excerpts from maps of various types and from different periods are subjected to close scrutiny as historical sources.

193. Harley, J. B. The Historian’s Guide to Ordnance Survey Maps. London: For the Standing Conference for Local History by the National Council of Social Service, 1964. 51p. [4A 8372]

Reprinted from The Amateur Historian, with additions.

194. Harley, J. B. Maps for the Local Historian: a Guide to the British Sources Standing Conference for Local History. London: For the Standing Conference for Local History by the National Council of Social Service, 1972. 86p. [4A 20331]

Reprinted from the Local Historian.

195. Long, John H. “Studying George Rogers Clark’s Illinois Campaign With Maps.” In The French, the Indians, and George Rogers Clark in the Illinois Country: Proceedings of an Indiana American Revolution Bicentennial Symposium, p. 67-91. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society, 1977. [E263.N84 I52 1976]

Includes discussion of the relative value of modern vs. comtemporary maps for studying historical events.

196. Schlereth, Thomas J. Past Cityscapes: Uses of Cartography in Urban History. Newberry papers in family and community history., paper 80-1. Chicago, Ill.: The Newberry Library, 1980. 41p. [folio D5.N48 80-1]

Includes good examples of applied map work in the classroom. A modern street map can be an excellent start. Reprinted, with some revisions, as chapter three in his Artifacts and the American Past (Nashville: American Association for State and Local History, 1980).

Part 2: Map Catalogs and Cartobibliographies

Celestial Maps – 1500–1800

197. Warner, Deborah Jean. The Sky Explored: Celestial Cartography, 1500-1800. New York: Alan R. Liss; Amsterdam: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1979. 293p. [QB65.W36 - in Map Room]

The standard list.


World to 1800

198. Mickwitz, Ann-Mari and Leena Miekkavaara. The A.E. Nordenskiold Collection in the Helsinki University Library: Annotated Catalog of Maps Made Up to 1800. Helsinki: Helsinki University Library, 1979-1995. 5v. in 6. [folio Z6022.M53 - in Map Room]

Detailed descriptions of some 24,000 maps, including maps in atlases and other books, as well as some loose maps. Vols. 1-2 treat atlases, vol. 3 treats maps in books, vols. 4-5 contain title, personal name, geographic, and chronological indexes.

199. Mooney, James E. Maps, Globes, Atlases, and Geographies Through the Year 1800: the Eleanor Houston and Lawrence M.C. Smith Cartographic Collection at the Smith Cartographic Center, University of Southern Maine. Portland, Me.: University of Southern Maine Library, 1988. 145p. [folio Z6028.M62 1988 - in Map Room]
Some 600 entries, 48 high-quality plates.

World to 1850
200. Archives nationales (France). Catalog Général Des Cartes, Plans Et Dessins D’Architecture, Série NN. Paris: Archives nationales, 1978. 620p. [Z6027.F8 F75 1978 - in Map Room]
Série NN contains some 3,200 maps (almost exclusively printed), more than half relating to France. Geographical and chronological arrangement, index to places and names.

World to 1900

201. Map Collectors’ Series. no.1 (1963) - 110 (1975). London: Map Collectors’ Circle, 1963-1975. [Map Ref Z6003.M3 - in Map Room]
Edited by R.V. Tooley, MCS was a very rare bird, indeed: a cartobibliographical journal. Each number was devoted to listing maps of a particular area; most were quite thorough, and all were accompanied by numerous plates. A second set of the series was cataloged individually and issues are scattered throughout the library; this set is bound uniformly in 22 vols. and a topical index is tipped inside the front cover of volume one.

World to 1910

202. Great Britain. Public Record Office. Catalog of Colonial Maps (C 700). List & Index Society., v. 203. London: The Society, 1984. 347p. [Z6028.G75 1984 - in Map Room]
Arranged by area. Many of these maps are also listed in other P.R.O. map catalogs.

World to 1967

203. British Museum. Catalog of Printed Maps, Charts and Plans. London: Trustees of the British Museum, 1967. 15v. [Ayer f 290 B917 1967 - in Map Room]
One of the world’s great map catalogs. Supplemented by a Ten-Year Supplement, 1965-1974, 1v. (London: British Library, 1978), same call number, and Catalog of Cartographic Materials in the British Library, 1975-1988 3v. (London: K.G. Saur, 1989) [folio Z6028.B854, but shelved in the Map Room next to the rest of the catalog]. The whole set was replaced by a catalog on CD-ROM (not yet in the Newberry).

World to 1971

204. New York Public Library. Research Libraries. Dictionary Catalog of the Map Division. Boston: G. K. Hall, 1971. 10v. [f g .71 - in Map Room]
The largest printed catalog of an American collection. The NYPL includes an impressive number of city plans, gathered together under that subject heading in this dictionary catalog.

World to date

205. OCLC. [OCLC Online Catalog]. [Reference and Bibliography Center]
Unlike everything else in this bibliography, the OCLC database exists only as magnetic charges in a computer in Dublin, Ohio. Nevertheless, with well over 30 million bibliographic records, including hundreds of thousands of maps, this is probably the largest map catalog extant. Searching by name, title, area, publisher, place of publication, and year is possible.

World 1472-1500
206. Campbell, Tony. The Earliest Printed Maps, 1472-1500. London: British Library, 1987. 244p. [GA231.C36 1987 - in Map Room]
Exhaustive descriptions and superb illustrations of 222 incunabula-period maps.

World 1472-1700
207. Shirley, Rodney W. The Mapping of the World: Early Printed World Maps 1472-1700. Holland Press Cartographica series, 9. London: Holland Press, 1983. 669p. [Map Ref Z6028.S48 1983 - in Map Room]
Indispensable cartobibliography. The descriptions are brief, but there are substantial commentaries and virtually every one of the 639 entries is illustrated. A 1993 edition was unchanged except for 19p. of “Corrigenda and Addenda,” found in a pocket at the back of the Library’s copy. Shelved next to “Shirley” is Arthur Holzheimer’s inventory of Shirley maps in the Newberry’s collections.

World 1500-1599
208. Canada. Public Archives. National Map Collection. Sixteenth-Century Maps Relating to Canada: a Check-List and Bibliography. Ottawa: The Archives, 1956. 283p. [Ayer 290 C145 1956 - in Map Room]
These are all world or American maps.

World 1583-1840
209. Images of East and West: Maps, Plans, Views and Drawings From Dutch Colonial Archives. Part 1, The Early Period, 1583-1814 (1840). The Hague: Algemeen Rijksarchief, 1992-1994. 5v. [folio Z6028.N42 1994 - in Map Room]
Consisting primarily of reprints of earlier listings compiled by P.A. Leupe and S.P. l’Honore Naber, this serves as a finding aid to a set of microfiche reproductions of the maps (the Newberry does not own the microfiche). Some 3,700 (mostly MSS) and 39 atlases are indexed.

World 1677-1800
210. Wheat, James Clements and Christian Brun. Maps and Charts Published in America Before 1800: a Bibliography. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1969. 215p. [Ayer 290 W532 1969 - in Map Room]
Classic bibliography of American map-incunabula. Detailed descriptions of 915 items, arranged by area.

World 1731-1778
211. Pedley, Mary Sponberg. Bel Et Utile: the Work of the Robert De Vaugondy Family of Mapmakers. Tring, Herts.: Map Collector Publications, 1992. 251p. [folio GA863.R62 P43 1992 - in Map Room]
The catalog of Robert de Vaugondy maps (p. 129-end) lists 500 items.

World 1475-1900
212. Great Britain. National Maritime Museum. Catalog of the Library, Volume Three: Atlases & Cartography. London: H.M.S.O., 1971. 2v. [Z921.g725 v.3 - in Map Room]
Unusual in that titles of all map sheets are given. Vol. 3, part 2 is an index to cartographers and places.

World - Atlases - 1482-1945
213. Lodynski, Marian. Centralny Katalog Zbiorw Kartograficznych w Polsce. Warszawa: 1961-1968. 4v. [Map Ref Z6028.L8 - in Map Room]
A union catalog of atlases (defined as works with 10 or more maps) in Polish libraries. Contents: v.1, Atlases and Geographical Works, 1482-1800; v.2, Supplement to vol. 1; v.3, Atlases, 1801-1919; v.4, Atlases and Geographical Works, 1528-1945.

World - Atlases - 1500-1699
214. Pastoureau, Mireille. Les Atlas Français, XVIe-XVIIe Siècles: Répertoire Bibliographique Et Étude. Paris: Bibliothèque nationale, 1984. 695p. [folio Z6027.P37 - in Map Room]
Does for French atlases of these countries what Koeman’s Atlantes Neerlandici does for the Dutch.

World - Atlases - 1500-1936
215. University of Chicago. Library. Atlases in Libraries of Chicago: a Bibliography and Union Check List. Chicago: 1936. [244]p. [Ref Z6028.C53]
Another copy: [Map Ready Ref - in Map Room]

World - Atlases - 1522-1980
216. Vekene, Emile van der. Cosmographies, Théâtres Du Monde & Atlas: Catalog De 254 Atlas Et Ouvrages Topographiques Conservés à La Bibliothèque Nationale De Luxembourg. Luxembourg: Bibliothèque Nationale, 1984. 261p. [Z6028.L89 V45 - in Map Room]
Exhibition catalog arranged by atlas type and date; index to personal names.

World - Atlases - 1538-1899
217. Baskes, Roger S. List of Atlases & Other Books in Collection of Roger S. Baskes As of March 1, 1997. Chicago: The Author, 1997. 1v., various paginations. [Map Cataloging Section]
Brief descriptions of approximately 3,500 altases and books with maps, 2,400 cartographic reference works, and 1,100 Baedecker and other guidebooks. Earlier version from 1995: [folio A6021.B38 1995 - in Map Room].

World - Atlases - 1570-1610
218. Meurer, Peter H. Atlantes Colonienses: Die Kolner Schüle Der Atlaskartographie, 1570-1610. Fundamenta cartographica historica., Bd. 1. Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale: Dietrich Pfaehler, 1988. 244p. [GA312.Z9]
Does for Cologne what Koeman’s Atlantes Neerlandici does for the Low Countries.

World - Atlases - 1570-1880
219. Koeman, Cornelius. Atlantes Neerlandici. Amsterdam: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1967-1971. 5v. [Ayer f 290 K77 1967 - in Map Room]
Describes and indexes thousands of maps in Dutch atlases published up to 1880. Supplemental sixth volume (Alphen aan den Rijn: Canaletto, 1985) extends coverage to 1940.

World - Atlases - TO 1900
220. Baskes, Roger S. Atlases in the Newberry Library: a Short-Title Catalog. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1997. 1v., various paginations. [Map Ready Reference - in Map Room]
Brief descriptions of approximately 4,600 atlases, defined as works with 5 maps or more. Includes approximately 1,700 entries published before 1900.

World - Atlases - TO 1969
221. Library of Congress. A List of Geographical Atlases in the Library of Congress. Washington: G.P.O., 1909-1992. 9v. [Map Ref Z6026.U56 1909]
Compiled by Phillip Lee Phillips and Clara LeGear. At 18,435 titles, “Philipps/LeGear” is the most comprehensive list of atlases, a monumental effort begun by the first chief of LC’s Map Division and completed by Mrs. LeGear in her 90th year. Vols. 1-4 describe atlases of all types in the LC before 1920; vol. 5, world atlases acquired between 1920 and 1955; vol. 6, non-American atlases acquired between 1920 and 1960; and vol. 7, atlases of the Western Hemisphere acquired between 1920 and 1969. One of the glories of Philipps/LeGear is its indexes, which not only list the atlases by author, but also the cartographers and areas of hundreds of thousands of individual maps in these atlases. Volumes 1-5 have their own indexes, vol. 8 is a cartographer and place index to vol. 7, and vol. 9 is a comprehensive author index to the whole set.

World - Cities and Towns - 1486-1750
222. Fauser, Alois. Repertorium Älterer Topographie: Druckgraphik Von 1486 Bis 1750. Wiesbaden: L. Reichert, 1978. 2v. [Z6022.F38 - in Map Room]
With over 16,000 brief descriptions, the most ambitously comprehensive list of city maps and views, but see also the catalogs edited by Wolfram Klaus for the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek and the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.

World - Manuscript Maps - 1200-1500
223. Destombes, Marcel. Mappemondes, A.D. 1200-1500: Catalog Préparé Par La Commission Des Cartes Anciennes De L’Union Géographique Internationale. Imago mundi., supplement no. 4. Amsterdam: N. Israel, 1964. 322p. [Ayer 290 I615 1964 - in Map Room]
Detailed descriptions and bibliographies of 880 maps.

World - Manuscript Maps - 1500-1700
224. Astengo, Corradino. Elenco Preliminare De Carte Ed Atlanti Nautici Manoscritti, Eseguiti Nell’Area Mediterranea Nel Periodo 1500-1700 e Conservati Presso Enti Pubblici. Genoa: Istituto di geografia, Universitá di Genova, 1996. 46p. [Z6026.H9 A78 1996 - in Map Room]
A brief inventory of portolan maps and atlases, arranged by country and city of depository.

World - Manuscript Maps - TO 1844
225. British Museum. Catalog of the Manuscript Maps, Charts, and Plans, and of the Topographical Drawings in the British Museum. London: Printed by order of the Trustees, 1844-1861. 3v. [Ayer 290 B915 1844 - in Map Room]
Still the most current published listing of the BL’s manuscript maps. Volume three reprinted Brussels: Gregg Associates, 1962.

World - Manuscript Maps  - TO 1892
226. Smith, Clara A. List of Manuscript Maps in the Edward E. Ayer Collection. Chicago, Newberry Library: 1927. 101p. [Map Ready Reference - in Map Room]
Lists some 300 maps, most relating to North America

World - Maps in Books - 1639-1819
227. Walsh, Jim. Maps Contained in the Publications of the American Bibliography, 1639-1819: an Index and Checklist. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1988. 367p. [Ref Z6027.U5 W35 1988]
Brief entries for hundreds of maps in books described in the Evans and Shaw/Shoemaker bibliographies.

World - Maps in Books - 1669-1818
228. Jolly, David C. Maps in British Periodicals. Brookline, Mass.: The Author, 1990-1991. 2v. [Z6028.J64 1990 - in Map Room]
Extremely thorough work, listing over 2,000 maps, with excellent indexes; cf. Jolly’s Maps of America in Periodicals Before 1800. Except for briefer title transcriptions, supersedes Klein’s Maps in Eighteenth-Century British Magazine’s.

World - Maps in Books - 1736-1799
229. Klein, Christopher M. Maps in Eighteenth-Century British Magazines: a Checklist. Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography., Occasional Publication no. 3. Chicago: The Newberry Library., 1989. 72p. [folio Z6022.K54 1989 - in Map Room]
Indexes maps in Gentleman’s, London, Political, Scots, and Universal Magazine(s). Includes complete title transcriptions, otherwise superseded by David Jolly’s Maps in British Periodicals.

World - Maps in Books - TO 1968
230. American Geographical Society of New York. Index to Maps in Books and Periodicals. Boston, Mass.: G. K. Hall, 1968. 10v. [Ayer f 290 A55 1968]
Largely twentieth-century maps, but the occasional older item (or reproduction of an older map) will appear.

World - Roads - TO 1960s
231. Bonacker, Wilhelm. Bibliographie Der Strassenkarte. Bonn, Ger.: Kirschbaum Verlag, 1973. 242p. [Map Ref Z6026.R6 B65 - in Map Room]
More than 4,600 brief descriptions of road maps, from the Etzlaub Romweg map of 1501 through the 1960s, in geographical order.


AMERICA - 1520-1900

232. Spain. Ejercito. Servicio Geografico. Seccion de documentacion. Cartoteca Historica: Indice De Mapas y Planos Historicos De America. Madrid: Servicio del Ejercito, 1974. 106p. [Z6027.A5 S63 1974 - in Map Room]

Brief descriptions, classified arrangement.

AMERICA - 1527-1865

233. Spain. Ejercito. Servicio Geografico and Spain. Servicio Historico Militar. Cartografia De Ultramar. Madrid: 1949-1957. 4v. in 8. [Ayer 135 S73 1949]

Includes lists of place names and reproductions of the maps. Contents: v.1. America in general–v.2. U.S. and Canada–v.3. Mexico–v.4. Central America.

AMERICA - 1570-1830

234. Tooley, R. V. The Mapping of America. Holland Press Cartographica., no. 2. London : Holland Press, 1980. 519p. [Ayer Z6027.A5 T66 - in Map Room]

Nine of the eleven chapters are reprinted from various issues of the Map Collectors’ Series. Good, solid bibliographies complemented by 179 plates.

AMERICA - 1624-1865

235. McLaughlin, Glen and Nancy H. Mayo. The Mapping of California As an Island: an Illustrated Checklist. California Map Society, Occassional Paper., no. 5. Saratoga, Calif.: California Map Society, 1995. 141p. [folio Z6027.C15 M26 1995 - in Map Room]

Since it lists over 250 mostly continental maps and illustrates most of them, this well-constructed list is also serves as a handy list of maps of the Western Hemisphere.

AMERICA - 1624-1865

236. William L. Clements Library. Research Catalog of Maps of America to 1860 in the William L. Clements Library. Boston: G. K. Hall, 1972. 4v. [f Z 79 .M586 - in Map Room]

Edited by Douglas W. Marshall. Following the lines laid down by one-time Clements map curator Lloyd Brown, author of The Story of Maps and Notes on the Care & Cataloguing of Old Maps, this excellent catalog includes more than 10,000 brief but adequate entries. Contents: v. 1-2. Cartographer/title catalog. v. 3-4. Geographic area catalog and list of atlases.


237. Phillips, Philip Lee. A List of Maps of America in the Library of Congress. New York: B. Franklin, 1967. 1137p. [Ayer Z6027.A5 U5 1967 b - in Map Room]

The most complete list available of maps of the Western Hemisphere and any of its parts. Brief descriptions in one alphabetical sequence. Reprint of original published Washington: G.P.O., 1901.


238. Klaus, Wolfram. Pläne Und Grundrisse Amerikanischer Städte (1556-1945). Kartographische Bestandsverzeichnisse., 6. Berlin: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, 1992. 362p. [Z6027.A5 K56 1992 - in Map Room]

Relatively full descriptions of 2,087 maps, issued as separates and in books and atlases. Continues extraordinary effort by Klaus and the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek of the former German Democratic Republic; carried on here by the unified Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.


239. Marcel, Gabriel. Quatriéme Centenaire De La Découverte De L’Amérique. Catalog Des Documents Géographiques Exposés a La Section Des Cartes Et Plans De La Bibliothéque Nationale. Paris: J. Maisonneuve, 1892. 77p. [g 1080.66 - in Map Room]

AMERICA - MANUSCRIPT MAPS - ca. .1500-ca. 1800

240. Postnikov, A. V. Checklist of Photographic Reproductions of Manuscript Maps. Chicago: Newberry Library, 1994. 402 leaves. [Map Ready Reference - in Map Room]

This is a “provisional draft” of a master index of the Newberry’s reproductions of manuscript maps relating to America, primarily from French, British, and Spanish archives. It lists over 1,300 maps; about half of them are part of the Karpinski collections, and remainder were acquired by Ruth Lapham Butler, the Ayer collection curator in the 1930’s-50’s.


241. Jolly, David C. Maps of America in Periodicals Before 1800. Brookline, Massachusetts: The Author, 1989. 119p. [Z6027.A5 J64 1989 - in Map Room]

Brief descriptions of 465 maps, with extensive references and full indexes. Cf. Jolly’s Maps in British Periodicals.

North America

NORTH AMERICA - 1507-1802

242. Wagner, Henry Raup. The Cartography of the Northwest Coast of America to the Year 1800. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press, 1937. 2v. [Ayer 129.5 N77 W13 1937 - in Map Room]

Lists 862 maps; includes extensive lists of placenames.

NORTH AMERICA - 1545-1700

243. Harrisse, Henry. Notes Pour Servir a L’Histoire, a La Bibliographie Et a La Cartographie De La Nouvelle-France Et Des Pays Adjacents 1545-1700. Paris: Tross, 1872. 367p. [Ayer 290 H2r 1872 - in Map Room]

Maps are listed on p. 189-239.

NORTH AMERICA - 1585-19**

244. Great Britain. Public Record Office. Maps and Plans in the Public Record Office: 2. America and the West Indies. London: H.M.S.O., 1967. 835p. [Map Ref Z6028.G767 v.2 - in Map Room]

Almost 4,500 entries, mostly manuscript.

NORTH AMERICA - 1600-1850

245. Stevens, Henry Newton and Roland Tree. Comparative Cartography. Map Collectors’ Series., 39. London: Map Collectors’ Circle, 1967. 12, [1], 305-363p. [Ayer 129 S8 1967 - in Map Room]

Reprinted from Essays honoring Lawrence C. Wroth, 1959, with a few addenda. Describes variant states of 93 maps.

NORTH AMERICA - 1750-1789

246. Library of Congress. Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies, 1750-1789: a Guide to the Collections in the Library of Congress. Washington: Library of Congress, 1981. 495p. [Z6027.N68U54 1981 - in Map Room]

Comp. by John R. Sellers and Patricia Molen Van Ee. Lists 2,154 maps in a classified, but rather opaque, order; index to names and places.

NORTH AMERICA - ca. 1500-ca. 1960

247. Bancroft Library. Index to Printed Maps. Boston: G. K. Hall, 1964. 519p. [Ayer f 290 C1415 1964 - in Map Room]

Especially strong on California and the West. Supplemented by Catalog of manuscript and printed maps in the Bancroft Library: a supplement to Index to printed maps (Boston: G.K. Hall, 1975), 581p. [Ayer f 290 C1415 Suppl. - in Map Room]


248. Lépine, Pierre. Cartes Anciennes: Cartes Originales Ou Reproduites. Montreal: Bibliothèque nationale du Québec, 1994. 348p. [folio Z6027.N68 B5 1994 - in Map Room]

Lists 1,669 maps, including separates and maps in books, and photographic and other facsimiles; thorough index, including titles.


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A thorough history of the genre, followed by a list of 4,480 views.


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Lists, by state or province, city, and date, maps of over 12,000 towns.


252. Library of Congress. Geography and Map Division. Panoramic Maps of Cities in the United States and Canada: a Checklist of Maps in the Collection of the Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division. 2nd ed. Washington: Library of Congress: for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., 1984. 181p. [folio Z6027.U5 L5 1984 - in Map Room]

Comp. by John R. Hébert; rev. by Patrick E. Dempsey. Brief descriptions of some 1,100 views. First ed. published as: Panaoramic maps of Anglo-American cities. 1974.


253. Sánchez, Joseph P. Guide to the Spanish Colonial Research Center Map Collection of North America. Albuquerque: National Park Service, 1994. 7v. [folio Z6027.N68 S63 1994 - in Map Room]

Descriptions made from photostats of 809 manuscript maps in Spanish archives. Many, if not most, are likely included in the Karpinski series and listed in Postnikov’s Checklist of photographic reproductions of manuscript maps in the Newberry. The chief value of the descriptions here is that they give full transcriptions and translations of legends and explanations; otherwise, lacking an index and with an incredilby wasteful layout, the work is dissappointing.


254. Brun, Christian. Guide to the Manuscript Maps in the William L. Clements Library. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan, 1959. 209p. [Ayer 290 M62 1959 - in Map Room]

Lists 806 maps, all of them of North American interest, almost half dealing with the Revolutionary War.

Great Lakes Region


255. Karpinski, Louis Charles. “Fundamental Maps of Michigan and the Great Lakes.” In Bibliography of the Printed Maps of Michigan,1804-1808, p. 26-200. Lansing: Michigan Historical Commission, 1931. [Z6027.M62 K2 - in Map Room]

Lists 120 maps of the Great Lakes Region, 1,000 of Michigan.


CANADA - 15**-19**

256. Canada. Public Archives. National Map Collection. Catalog of the National Map Collection, Public Archives of Canada. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1976. 16v. [f g 10.1451]

Text in English or French. Includes indexes.

CANADA - 1540-1703

257. Kershaw, Kenneth A. Early Printed Maps of Canada. Ancaster, Ont.: Kershaw Publishing, 1993. v. [Map Ref folio Z6027.C21 K47 1993 - in Map Room]

First of two projected volumes.

CANADA - COUNTY MAPS - 1877-ca. 1900

258. Kidd, Betty H. County Atlases of Canada: a Descriptive Catalog. Ottawa: Public Archives, 1970. 192p. [g 1082.562 - in Map Room]

English and French.

CANADA - COUNTY MAPS - ca. 1860-1896

259. Maddick, Heather. County Maps: Land Ownership Maps of Canada in the 19th Century. Ottawa: National Map Collection, 1976. 94p. [f g 10.145 v.3 - in Map Room]

CANADA, WESTERN - 1869-1930

260. Canada. Public Archives. National Map Collection. Index to Township Plans of the Canadian West. Ottawa: Public Archives of Canada, 1974. 69p. [Map Ref folio Z6027.C22 C3 1974]

Lists, by township and range, some 20,000 plats.

United States

UNITED STATES - 1502-1820

261. Lowry, Woodbury. A Descriptive List of Maps of the Spanish Possessions Within the Present Limits of the United States, 1502-1820. Washington, D.C.: G.P.O., 1912. 567p. [g 1083.52 - in Map Room]

Very full descriptions of and complete indexes to the 750 printed and manuscript maps in the Lowery collection at the Library of Congress.

UNITED STATES - 1789-1969

262. Koepp, Donna P. Index and Carto-Bibliography of Maps, 1789-1969. CIS US serial set index., pt. 14. Bethesda, Md.: Congressional Information Service, 1995. 4v. [Map Ref Z1223.Z7 C26 1995 - in Map Room]

Essential guide to over 50,000 maps published in the Congressional Serial Set, with thorough author, title, and subject indexes. Supersedes the pioneering work in this field appearing in Claussen and Friis’s Descriptive Catalog of Maps Published by Congress, 1817-1843.

UNITED STATES - 1795-1895

263. Sheets, K. A. American Maps, 1795-1895: a Guide to Values: Wall Maps, Folding Maps, Atlases & Maps From Atlases. Ann Arbor: K.A. Sheets, 1994. 160p. [Map Ref folio Z6027.U5 S53 1994 - in Map Room]

UNITED STATES - 1817-1843

264. Claussen, Martin Paul and Herman Ralph Friis. Descriptive Catalog of Maps Published by Congress, 1817-1843. Washington, D.C.: [Priv. pub.], 1941. 104p. [g 1083.18 - in Map Room]

Extremely useful for its period, but largely superseded by Donna Koepp’s Index and Carto-Bibliography of Maps, 1789-1969.

UNITED STATES - 1882-1940

265. Moffat, Riley Moore. Map Index to Topographic Quadrangles of the United States, 1882-1940. Western Association of Map Libraries., Occasional Paper no. 10. Santa Cruz, Calif.: Western Association of Map Libraries, 1985. 1v. unpaged. [folio GA405.M64 1986 - in Map Room]

All USGS ever made are keyed to state index maps.

UNITED STATES - ca. 1784-1920

266. United States. National Archives. List of Selected Maps of States and Territories. Special list., 29. Washington: The Archives, 1971. 113p. [Z6027.U5 H37 - in Map Room]

Compiled by Janet L. Hargett. Reasonably full descriptions of 887 maps, many of them produced by federal agencies.


267. Library of Congress. Map Division. United States Atlases: a List of National, State, County, City, and Regional Atlases in the Library of Congress. Washington, 1950-53: 1950. 2v. [GA300.U68 Z881.U5 1950at]

Compiled by Clara Egli LeGear. Volume 2 is a union list.

UNITED STATES - ATLASES - ca. 1840-ca. 1920

268. Baskes, Roger S. U.S. County and State Atlases in the Newberry Library. Chicago: Newberry Library, 1992. 17 leaves. [Map Ready Reference - in Map Room]

Short-title list with close to 600 entries.


269. Shelley, Michael H. Ward Maps of United States Cities: a Selective Checklist of Pre-1900 Maps in the Library of Congress. Washington: Library of Congress, 1975. 24p. [g 1083.917 - in Map Room]

Lists 232 maps of major American cities for the decennial census years 1790-1890. All of the maps are available in the Newberry Library on microfiche [Microfiche 701].


270. Stephenson, Richard W. Land Ownership Maps: a Checklist of Nineteenth Century United States County Maps in the Library of Congress. Washington D.C.: Library of Congress, 1967. 86p. [Z6027.U5 U54 - in Map Room]

Lists 1,449 maps, most of which are available on microfiche [Microfiche 583]


271. United States. National Archives. Cartographic Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Special list., 13. Washington, D.C.: National Archives, 1977. 187p. [Map Ref Z1209.2. U5 U53 1977 - in Map Room]

Compiled by Laura E. Kelsay. Collection-level descriptions of 977 map series, with many items singled out for individual description. Previous ed. (1954) issued under title: List of cartographic records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.


272. Jackson, Jack. Manuscript Maps Concerning the Gulf Coast, Texas, and the Southwest (1519-1836): an Annotated Guide to the Karpinski Series of Photographs at the Newberry Library, Chicago, With Notice of Related Cartographic Materials. Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography., Occasional Publication no. 7. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1995. 90p. [folio Z6027.N68 J23 1995 - in Map Room]

Supplements A.V. Postnikov’s Checklist of Photographic Reproductions of Manuscript Maps for the Spanish Borderlands. See also W. Lowry’s A Descriptive List of Maps of the Spanish Possessions within the Present Limits of the United States, 1502-1820 and J.P. Sánchez’s Guide to the Spanish Colonial Research Center Map Collection of North America.

Southeastern States

273. Le Gear, Clara Egli. The Hotchkiss Map Collection: a List of Manuscript Maps, Many of the Civil War Period, Prepared by Major Jed. Hotchkiss, and Other Manuscript and Annotated Maps in His Possession. Falls Church, Va.: Sterling Press, 1977. 76p. [Map Ref Z6027.U5 H6 1977 - in Map Room]

Reprint of original ed. published Washington: Library of Congress, 1951. Lists 341 maps, index to personal and geographic names. Hotchkiss worked as a civil engineer after the war and almost half of the maps are from the that period.


274. Cumming, William Patterson. The Southeast in Early Maps. Princeton, N.J.: Princton University Press, 1958. 275p. [f G 1086.2031 - in Map Room]

A detailed, scholarly bibliography of 450 maps, printed and manuscript, with 67 excellent collotype plates.


275. Archivo General de Indias. Catálogo De Mapas y Planos De La Florida y La Luisiana. Madrid: Direccion General del Patrimonio Artístico, 1979. 92p. [Ayer Z6027.U5 G66 - in Map Room]

Rather full descriptions of 245 maps, chronological arrangement, indexes.

Ohio Valley

276. Brown, Lloyd Arnold. Early Maps of the Ohio Valley: a Selection of Maps, Plans, and Views Made by Indians and Colonials From 1673 to 1783. Pittsburgh: Univ. of Pittsburgh Press, 1959. 132p. [Ayer 136 B87 1959 - in Map Room]

Brief descriptions and solid essays on 52 manuscript and printed maps, all reproduced in collotype.

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278. Checklist of Printed Maps of the Middle West to 1900. Boston, Mass.: G.K. Hall, 1981. 13v. in 11. [Map Ref Z6027.M53 C54 1981a]
Edited by Robert W. Karrow, Jr. Lists 25,478 maps by state and region. A 14th volume (Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1983) is a cumulative index.

WESTERN STATES - 1540-1884
279. Wheat, Carl Irving. Mapping the Transmississippi West, 1540-1861. San Francisco: Institute of Historical Cartography, 1957. 6v. [Ayer 136 W55 1957 - in Map Room]
Classic treatment of the subject, discussing 1,302 maps and reproducing a large share of them. The bibliographies at the ends of the volumes actually cover the period 1540-1884. Indexed by Charles Seavey’s Mapping the Transmississippi West, 1540-1861: An Index to the Cartobibliography. Map and Geography Round Table of the American Library Association Occasional Paper 3. (Winnetka, Ill.: Speculum Orbis Press, 1992) [Ayer folio 136 W55 1957 Index - in Map Room].

280. Newberry Library. A Catalog of the Everett D. Graff Collection of Western Americana. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1968. 854p. [Map Ready Reference - in Map Room]
Compiled by Colton Storm. Additional copies in the Main and Special Collections Reading Rooms. This collection includes hundreds of maps, some 860 of which are indexed by place and Graff catalog number in Index to Maps in the Catalog of the Everett D. Graff Collection of Western Americana (Chicago: Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography at the Newberry Library, 1972).

281. Hunt, William R. Reference Guide to Early Maps in the Pacific Northwest Collection, the Sanzallo Library, University of Washington . Seattle: University of Washington Libraries, 1966. 69 leaves. [folio Z6028.W38 - in Map Room]
Lists 148 maps.

282. Reps, John William. Panoramas of Promise: Pacific Northwest Cities and Towns on Nineteenth-Century Lithographs. Pullman, Wash.: Washington State University Press, 1984. 93p. [Ayer NE2454.R47 1984]

Latin America

LATIN AMERICA - 14**-1920s

283. American Geographical Society of New York. A Catalog of Maps of Hispanic America. New York: American Geographical Society, 1930-1933. 4v. [Ayer 290 A55 1930 - in Map Room]

Arranged by country, with sections on “historical maps” and maps in books.

COLOMBIA - 1592-1907
284. Cortés Alonso, Vicenta. Catalogo De Mapas De Colombia. Madrid: Ediciones Cultura Hispanica, 1967. 337p. [Ayer 290 C797 1967]

ARGENTINA - 1577-1898
285. Furlong Cardiff, Guillermo. Cartografia Historica Argentina: Mapas, Planos y Disenos Que Se Conservan En El Archivo General De La Nacion. Buenos Aires: 1963. 391p. [Ayer 290 F98 1963]
Includes index.

AMAZON VALLEY - 1500-1961
286. Adonias, Isa. A Cartografia Da Região Amazônica Catálogo Descritivo: 1500-1961. Rio de Janeiro: Conselho Nacional de Pesquisas, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia, 1963. 2v. [Ayer 290 A239 1963]


EUROPE - 1511-1597

287. Heijden, H. A. M. van der. De Oudste Gedrukte Kaarten Van Europa. Alphen aan den Rijn: Canaletto, 1992. 146p. [folio Z6027.E9 H45 1992 - in Map Room]

Thorough descriptions, commentaries and reproductions of 47 maps of Europe. Dutch text with English summary.


288. Klaus, Wolfram. Pläne Und Grundrisse Von Städten Kapitalistischer Länder Europas (1500-1850). Kartographische Bestandsverzeichnisse., 4. Berlin: Deutsche Staatsbibliothek, 1980-1985. 4v. in 2. [Z6026.C56 K56 1980 - in Map Room]

Relatively full descriptions of 13,210 maps, issued as separates and in books and atlases. Part of an extraordinary effort by Klaus and the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek of the former German Democratic Republic.

BRITISH ISLES - 1477-1650

289. Shirley, Rodney W. Early Printed Maps of the British Isles, 1477-1650: a Bibliography. London: Map Collectors’ Circle, 1973-1974. 189, [7]p. [Ayer 5S 52]

Issued as nos. 90, 94, 95, 97, and 101 of the Map Collectors’ Series. Continued by Shirley’s Printed Maps of the British Isles, 1650-1750.

BRITISH ISLES - 1650-1750

290. Shirley, Rodney W. Printed Maps of the British Isles, 1650-1750. Tring, Herts.: Map Collector Publications; London: British Library, 1988. 168p. [folio Z6027.G7 S55 1988 - in Map Room]

Continues Shirley’s Early Printed Maps of the British Isles, 1477-1650.

BRITISH ISLES - 1579-1870

291. Chubb, Thomas. The Printed Maps in the Atlases of Great Britain and Ireland: a Bibliography, 1579-1870. London: The Homeland Association, 1927. 479p. [f g 1045.17 - in Map Room]

BRITISH ISLES - ca. 1410-1860

292. Great Britain. Public Record Office. Maps and Plans in the Public Record Office: I. British Isles. London: H.M.S.O., 1967. 648p. [Map Ref Z6028.G767 v. 1 - in Map Room]

WALES - 1573-1840

293. Booth, John. Antique Maps of Wales. Montacute, Somerset: Montacute Bookshop, 1977. 132p. [GA821.B66]

Includes index.

SCOTLAND - ca. 1250-1850

294. Royal Scottish Geographical Society. The Early Maps of Scotland to 1850. 3rd ed. Edinburgh: The Society, 1973-1983. 2v. [Z6027.S42 R67 1973 - in Map Room]

The list begins on p. 157. Includes separate sections for maps of counties, roads, railroads, towns, etc.


295. Archives nationales (France). Catalog Général Des Cartes, Plans Et Dessins D’Architecture. Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, 1958-1972. 3v. [Z5944.F7 F7 1958 - in Map Room]

Contents: v.1, Paris et le Département de la Seine; v.2, Départements Ain a Nord; v.3, Départements Oise a Réunion. See also Catalog Général des Cartes, Plans et Dessins d’Architecture, Série NN (Paris: Archives Nationales, 1978).

CENTRAL EUROPE - 15**-19**

296. Jäger, Eckhard. Deutsches Archiv Für Kulturgut Des Nordostens. Katalag I: Landeskartensammlung … Graphiksammlung. Lüneburg: Nordostdeutsches Kulturwerk, 1977. 168p. [Z6028.D47 1977 - in Map Room]

Maps are described, relatively briefly, on pp. 9-66, in a geographical arrangement.

No index.


297. Müller, Jobst-Heinrich and Barbara Waechter. Bestandskatalog Der Landkartensammlung. Lüneburg: Nordostdeutsches Kulturwerk, 1984. 350p. [folio Z6028.N67 1984 - in Map Room]

Reproduces the card catalog; several indexes.

SWITZERLAND - 1496-1802

298. Blumer, Walter. Bibliographie Der Gesamtkarten Der Schweiz Von Anfang Bis 1802. Bibliographia Helvetica., Faszikel 2. Bern: Schweizerische Landesbibliothek, 1957. 178p. [Z6027.S97.B55]

Admirably full descriptions of 350 maps and atlases.

GERMANY - 1815

299. Scharfe, Wolfgang. Kartendrucke Von Deutschland Bis 1815: Titelverzeichnis. Veröffentlichungen zur Geschichte der Kartographie., Reihe A. Berlin: Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kartographie, 1978. Loose-leaf, unpaged. [folio Z6027.G3 S3 - in Map Room]

Very full descriptions, including reproductions of title cartouches, for maps of Germany and its parts. Issued in parts, only three have appeared, none since 1988; ceased publication?


300. Klaus, Wolfram. Städte Der Neuen Bundesländer Im Kartenbild. Tiel 1: Pläne Und Grundrisse (1550-1850). Kartographische Bestandsverzeichnisse., 2. Berlin: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, 1994. 104p. [Z6026.C56 S73 1994 - in Map Room]

Relatively full descriptions of 1,128 maps of cities and towns in the former East Germany. Part of an extraordinary effort by Klaus. Earlier edition published Berlin: Deutsche Staatsbibliothek, 1972 [Z6027.G3 K57 - in Map Room].

SPAIN - 1501-1953

301. Spain. Ejercito. Servicio Geografico. Seccion de Documentacion. Cartoteca Historica: Indice De Atlas Universales y Mapas y Planos Historicos De España. Madrid: 1974. 268p. [Map Ref Z6027.S72 S72 1974]

Lists thousands of maps in one- or two-line entries.

DENMARK - 1570-1770

302. Bramsen, Bo. Gamle Danmarkskort: En Historisk Oversigt Med Bibliografiske Noter for Perioden 1570-1770. Copenhagen: Gronholt Pedersen, 1965. 159p. [f G 07.13]

Includes index.


303. Klaus, Wolfram. Pläne Und Grundrisse Von Städten Sozialistischer Länder Europas (1547-1850). Kartographische Bestandsverzeichnisse., 3. Berlin: Deutsche Staatsbibliothek, 1976. 280p. [Z6027.E8 K56 - in Map Room]

Relatively full descriptions of 2,480 maps, issued as separates and in books and atlases. Part of an extraordinary effort by Klaus and the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek of the former German Democratic Republic.


ASIA - 1538-1814

304. Antiques of the Orient. Mapping the Continent of Asia. Singapore: Antiques of the Orient, 1994. 88p. [folio Z6027.A58 1994 - in Map Room]

Written and researched by Dr. Julian Davison and Tan Lay Kee. Actually a dealer’s catalog, its comprehensiveness, extensive commentaries, and small but sharp illustrations make it a small but serviceable cartobibliography.

HOLY LAND - 1475-1900

305. Laor, Eran and Shoshana Klein. Maps of the Holy Land: Cartobibliography of Printed Maps, 1475-1900. New York: Alan R. Liss; Amsterdam: Meridian Pub. Co., 1986. 201p. [folio Z6027.P15 L36 1986 - in Map Room]

Based on the Eran Laor Collection at the Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem. Describes 1,185 maps; many illustrations.


306. Tibbetts, Gerald Randall. Arabia in Early Maps: a Bibliography of Maps Covering the Peninsula of Arabia Printed in Western Europe From the Invention of Printing to the Year 1751. Cambridge, Eng.: Falcon - Oleander, 1978. 175p. [Map Ref Z6027.A6 T5 - in Map Room]

Relatively full descriptions of 281 maps; 22 plates. Includes index.


AFRICA - 1660-1930

307. Great Britain. Public Record Office. Maps and Plans in the Public Record Office: 3. Africa. London: H.M.S.O., 1982. 426p. [Z6028.G767 v. 3]

Over 3,000 entries, mostly MSS. Includes index.


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Relatively full descriptions of 3,487 maps, issued as separates and in books and atlases. Part of an extraordinary effort by Klaus and the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek of the former German Democratic Republic.

AFRICA - MAPS IN BOOKS - 1550-1750

309. Cartwright, Margaret Findlay. Maps of Africa and Southern Africa in Printed Books, 1550-1750. Cape Town: University of Cape Town Libraries, 1976. 46p. [Map Ref Z6027.A2 C37 - in Map Room]

Brief descriptions and rather lengthy notes; 91 items. Includes index.


310. Cartwright, Janet Findlay. Maps of Southern Africa in Printed Books, 1750-1856: a Bibliography. Cape Town: University of Cape Town Libraries, 1976. 50p. [Map Ref Z6027.S64 C36 - in Map Room]

Brief descriptions and rather lengthy notes; 122 items.


AUSTRALIA - ca. 1050-1666

311. Schilder, Günter. Australia Unveiled: the Share of the Dutch Navigators in the Discovery of Australia . Amsterdam: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1976. 420, [4]p. [5A 10322 - in Map Room]

AUSTRALIA - 1606-1850

312. Ballard, Paul. A Guide to Maps & Charts in Australia, 1606-1850. Sydney: The Author, 1973. 94p. [Z6027.A8 B354 - in Map Room]

Together with a supplement (1976, 89 p., [Z6027.A5 B355 - in Map Room]), this is a rich but unsystematic trove of information on early maps, both printed and manuscript.