Nebraska Genealogy

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Guides, Bibliographies, and Histories

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Atlases and Gazetteers

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Biographical Sources

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Ethnic Groups

Czech Churches in Nebraska. Ed. Vladimir Kucera. Nebraska Czechs, Inc., 1974. Call # F 924.4696.

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  • 1870 Series: Call # folio F665.N437
  • 1880 Series: Call # folio F665.N44
  • 1890 Series: Call # folio F665.N45
  • 1900 Series: Call # folio F665.N46


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Nebraska History Magazine. Lincoln: Nebraska State Historical Society. Vol. 4 (1921)- present. Call # F924.006.

Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record. 1923-1944. Call # E67.604.


U.S. population schedules 1860-1880 available on microfilm, behind the Genealogy Reference Desk. Indexes for 1860 and 1870 available on the 2nd floor open shelves. A transcription of the 1870 census may also be found on the 2nd floor open shelves. 1870 and 1880 CD-ROM indexes available at the Genealogy Reference Desk. Check library catalog by county to find transcriptions and more indexes.