Although some of the Newberry's newspaper holdings are described in our catalog, this inventory of newspapers in the Newberry collection (available as a pdf) allows you to browse our holdings geographically and then chronologically for each location.

The Newberry holds newspapers in multiple formats, including print, microform, and digital content. Readers inside the Newberry building can access the Chicago Defender for the years 1909 through 1975, Chicago Tribune for the years 1849 through 1997, and the New York Times for the years 1851 through 2017, using our subscription to ProQuest Historical Newspapers. 

Like the Newberry’s holdings of Colonial and Civil War-era newspapers, its extensive collection of Chicago newspapers—including a number of rare, labor-leaning German language newspapers—has been mined by historical and genealogical researchers since the start of the twentieth century. During the past fifty years, this collection has been complemented by a diverse array of manuscript materials that reveal the changing nature of how news is told, received, and absorbed by the public.

Newberry librarians have compiled a list of sources that are useful for locating newspapers and periodicals. Please contact a reference librarian with questions regarding this information, or for additional assistance locating materials in our collection.