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The collecting of large corporate archives at the Newberry was initiated in 1943 by Librarian Stanley Pargellis, who advocated the acquisition of records of Midwestern enterprises that contained materials for social and intellectual history as well as business history. Pargellis’s vision was realized with the deposit of several large and important archives of Midwestern railroad companies: the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company, the Illinois Central Railroad Company, and the Pullman Company. Smaller railroad-related collections have also been added.

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Railroads—United States

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A list of additional publications about the Newberry Railroad Collections is located here.

Beberdick, Frank H. (Frank Harry), 1927-. Frank H. Beberdick Pullman Collection, 1881- 2001.
4.3 linear feet (2 boxes and 2 oversize boxes)
Miscellaneous materials relating to the historic Pullman company town and Pullman Manufacturing Company, 1881-2001, collected by Pullman (IL) resident and archivist Frank Beberdick.
Call Number: Midwest MS Beberdick Pullman

Chicago Union Station Company. Chicago Union Station Company Records, 1920-1958.
0.1 linear feet (2 folders)
Documents relating to the company’s issue Series “C” Bonds (printed volume, 1920), together with a file containing letters, memoranda, and other documents relating to vacations with pay authorized for war veterans returning from service with the armed forces, 1945-1958. Also an “m” Series sinking fund bond.
Call Number: Midwest MS 110

Railroad photograph collection, ca. 1868-1914.
0.1 linear feet (2 folders).
Two groups of railroad photographs, including 15 reproductions related to the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad, ca. 1868-1869, and 34 snapshots and postal cards of railroad men, engines, cars, stations and wrecks apparently taken in Wisconsin, ca. 1913-1914.
Call Number: Midwest MS 145

Online gallery of images by subject entitled CB&Q: Building an Empire

Digital collection of images entitled Daily Life Along the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad

CB&Q processing blog: Everywhere West

The Pullman Digital Collection features 1,299 drawings of heavyweight and lightweight cars.

The online exhibit Pullman: Labor, Race, and the Urban Landscape in a Company Town features many images from the Pullman collection.

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