Photography and Reproductions

You’re welcome to take your own photos in the Newberry reading rooms or request reproductions of collection items while you’re at the library.

Taking Your Own Photos

Many researchers take photos of library materials to reference later or post to social media. Whatever the purpose, you're welcome to take photos of Newberry collections with the flash off. Additional lighting, scanners, and tripods are not permitted in the reading rooms.

PDF Scans

Our staff can help if you want to request PDF scans of items from our collection. Please be aware that some items may be too fragile for copying. If we can accommodate your request, we usually fulfill orders within 24 hours.

Fees for Printed Items

  • Each exposure: $0.40 (for requests in person or by email)
  • Each additional volume: No charge (for requests in person); $5.00 (for requests by email)
  • Processing fee: No charge (for requests in person); $15.00 (for requests by email)

Fees for Manuscript Items

  • Each exposure: $0.40 (for requests in person or by email)
  • Archival collections: $1.00 per folder (for requests in person); $5.00 per folder (for requests by email)
  • Processing fee: No charge (for requests in person); $15.00 (for requests by email)

Additional fees will be charged for orders involving 50 or more pages from a single volume or archival collection. Pricing may vary for items that require special handling and equipment. 

Email us for more information.

High-Resolution Digital Files

Tens of thousands of digital files are available to download and use free of charge. View our digital collections to see what's available.

If you don't find what you're looking for in our digital collections, you can use your Newberry reader's account to order high-resolution TIFF files as well as AVI, MP3, MP4, and WAV files. 

Orders are usually completed in 4 - 6 weeks and can be expedited for an additional fee.


  • TIFF files: $20 per file
  • Copies of existing AVI, MP3, MP4, and WAV files: $25
  • New AVI, MP3, MP4, and WAV files: subject to vendor availability and pricing

Reproduction of oversized or fragile material is subject to approval and may have additional fees.

Read our instructions for placing an order for digital files.

Permissions for Using Images from the Collection

Under our open access policy, you can use images from the Newberry collection for any lawful purpose without paying any licensing or permission fees to the library.

Please keep in mind that US copyright law still applies. You are responsible for making sure you're in compliance.

  • Determine whether the material is in the public domain or protected by copyright law or other restrictions.
  • If the material is protected by copyright law, determine if your intended use of it falls within the bounds of fair use.
  • If your intended use of the material doesn't qualify as fair use, obtain permission from any rights holders.

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