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I Wish I Knew, 1905
By Robert E. Spencer, Frank Anderson, and Harry Bryant
San Francisco: Sherman, Clay & Co.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Application Questions

When are fellowship applications due?
Long-Term Fellowship applications are due on November 15, while Short-Term Fellowship applications are due on December 15. Applications are due by 11:59 PM CST on the corresponding fellowship deadline. All application materials must be submitted by this time. The Newberry will not accept any late applications.

Did you receive my application?
After you have successfully submitted your application or letter of reference, you will receive a confirmation screen. You will also receive an electronically generated email within 24 hours. If you have not received an email within the allotted time, please check your spam folder before contacting us about the receipt of your application.

I’m planning to submit an application for both Long- and Short-Term Fellowships. Do I have to fill out both forms?
Yes. The Newberry requires two complete applications, including all letters of reference. However, you may submit the same abstract and CV; your project description should be updated to reflect the research plan during the amount of time you are requesting.

I submitted an application last year. Can you reuse my materials?
No. Even if you have submitted a fellowship application in the past, we ask that you reapply with updated materials that reflect the progress you’ve made on your project. Your letters of reference should also reflect your progress.

Can I break my fellowship up into blocks?
No. Your fellowship must be continuous.

Letter of Recommendation Questions

Do I have to submit my application before my recommenders submit their letters?
No. Your letters of reference can be submitted before you complete your application.

Have you received all of my letters of recommendation?
Due to the high volume of applications and letters we receive, the Newberry cannot respond individual letter status requests. Applicants are responsible for contacting their recommenders and making sure they submit their letters on time. Our webform will send an automatically generated confirmation email to both applicants and recommenders for each letter submitted. If you or your recommender has submitted a letter and has not received a confirmation email, please check your spam folder before contacting us about the receipt of your application.

I submitted an application last year. Do I have to ask my references to resubmit their letters?
Yes. The Newberry does not transfer letters from former applications. Each time you submit an application, you will need to ask your recommenders to submit new letters.

Can I change one of my recommenders after I submit my application?
This is acceptable. If you wish to have a different person write a letter for you than those you listed on your application, please email research@newberry.org and let us know about the change. We will not accept more than three letters.

Eligibility Questions

I have received a Newberry Library Fellowship in the past. Am I still eligible?
Scholars who have received a Short-Term Fellowship are eligible for a Long-Term Fellowship for the same project; however, they are ineligible for a second Short-Term Fellowship for the same project. The Newberry will not award a second fellowship, either Short- or Long-Term, for a project that has received a Long-Term Newberry Fellowship.

I’m an undergraduate. Can I apply for a Newberry Fellowship?
The Newberry Fellowship Program is designed for advanced graduate students or those who hold a PhD already, and can only be used for research in residence at the Newberry in Chicago. The Newberry does not award any scholarships or tuition assistance to undergraduate students. Undergraduate students at an ACM, GLCA, or NLUS affiliated schools are encouraged to look into our Undergraduate Seminar Programs.

I don’t qualify for any fellowships. Are there other ways I can conduct research at the Newberry?
Yes. Visit Services for Readers and Researchers for more information.