Statement on Potentially Offensive Materials and Descriptions

All materials in the Newberry Library’s collections have research value and reflect the society in which they were produced. They may contain language and imagery that are offensive because of content relating to: ability, gender, race, religion, sexuality/sexual orientation, and other categories. The documents, images, publications, and other materials have been preserved in order to present the materials in their original state and context, and do not reflect the values of the Newberry.

We are aware that the Newberry’s finding aids, catalog records, and other descriptions created by Newberry staff using standard vocabularies may contain offensive or harmful language. We are actively working to address this problem. In some instances, we will supplement but not replace the offensive terms that come from authorized sources still in use for searching.

If you come across offensive language in a finding aid, catalog record, digital collection description, or other material description, please contact Newberry Reference to bring this to our attention.

Adapted with permission from the University of Nebraska-Omaha Archives & Special Collections website.

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