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Genealogical Roll of the Kings of England and Dukes of Bourbon. c.1465. Newberr

Genealogical Roll of the Kings of England and Dukes of Bourbon. c.1465. Newberry Case MS 166.

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Genealogy Saturday

Join us this Saturday at 9:30 for the monthly Genealogy and Local History Orientation. This event is especially helpful for those new to genealogical research or new to research at the Newberry. After the orientation, stay and start your research in the General Reading Room where the reference staff will be available to assist you.


I would like to get to search for my family's history as my greatgreatgrandparents emigrated to Chicago in 1909 with yll their children with the only exception being by greatgrandparent who staid in Austria with his wife. The family's name was Zrzavecky, they were originally from Bohemia, but used to live in Hungary and later on in Austria. They might have renamed and used Zerweck instead of Zrzavecky. I do know that my greatgreatgrandmother died in 1937 and was buried at Acacia Park Cementary in Chicago. If possible, I would love to posit some flowers on her grave. And of course I would love to know more about the other family members. So, would you say that me coming this Saturday is a good idea? I am in Chicago for participating at the linguistic summer institute and do go back to Austria on Sunday. Eventually, will be back for a couple of days this September. Many thanks for your answer, with kind regards, Barbara Hinger
Barbara - We're glad you came to the orientation! Be sure to email us if you have additional questions when you get back home.

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