Event—Center for Renaissance Studies

2019 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference #NLGrad19


The Center for Renaissance Studies’ annual graduate student conference, organized and run by advanced doctoral students, has become a premier opportunity for emerging scholars to present papers, participate in discussions, and develop collaborations across the field of medieval, Renaissance, and early modern studies in Europe, the Americas, and the Mediterranean world. Participants from a wide variety of disciplines find a supportive and collegial forum for their work, meet future colleagues from other institutions and disciplines, and become familiar with the Newberry and its resources.



Sam Baudinette, University of Chicago
Kristen Coan Howard, University of Arizona
Caitlin Di Martino, Northwestern University
Silvia Veronica Escanilla-Huerta, University of Illinois
Ala Fink, University of Notre Dame
Sara Flores, Claremont Graduate College
Lorenzo Schiavetta, University of Minnesota
Courtney Whited, Oklahoma State University

Conference Schedule
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Guidelines for Presenters

THURSDAY, January 24

2 - 2:30 pm Organizers' Meeting
3 pm Registration Opens (Ruggles Hall)
3:30 - 4:30 pm Collection Presentation (2-West)
4:30 - 5:30 pm Plenary: "Digital Humanities and Premodern Studies"
Smiljana Antonijević, Field Museum of Natural History
Jen Wolfe, Digital Initiatives and Services
Isabella Magni, Center for Renaissance Studies
5:30 - 7 pm Opening Reception

FRIDAY, January 25

9 - 9:30 am Coffee and Light Breakfast (Ruggles Hall)
9:30 - 11 am Sessions 1-4
1. Boundaries of Premodern Gender
2. Medicinal Texts and Treatments
3. Constructing Sovereignty
4. New Directions in Shakespeare Studies
11 - 11:30 am Break
11:30 am - 1 pm Sessions 5-8
5. Royal Women: Education, Speech, and Portraiture
6. Royal Men: Ritual, Politics, and Statemaking
7. Birth, Death, and Resurrection
8. Textual and Visual Language
1 pm - 2 pm Luncheon (Ruggles Hall)
2 - 3 pm Collection Presentation (2-West)
Meet a Newberrian: Megan Kelly
3 - 3:30 pm Break
3:30 - 5 pm Sessions 9-12
9. Female Subjectivity in Early Modern Literature
10. Premodern Global Judaism
11. Humanity and Animality
12. Liminality and Imagined Space in Medieval Romance

SATURDAY, January 26

10 - 10:30 am Coffee (Ruggles Hall)
10:30 am - 12 pm Sessions 13-16
13. Agency and Self-Fashioning
14. Locating Disability
15. Negotiating Identity
16. Ruling Religion
12 - 1 pm Collection Presentation (2-West)
Meet A Newberrian: Ikumi Crocoll