Event—McNickle Center

2023 NCAIS Summer Institute

The 2023 NCAIS Summer Institute focuses on Indigenous schooling experiences in Canada and the United States to understand power dynamics, especially in struggles over defining gender, race, and sovereignty, that have imbued education and affected Indigenous identities.

We study the context of Native Nations’ specific ways of learning and Indigenous education as well as the colonizing institutionalization of schooling to trace Native student experiences and Indigenous efforts to claim schools for and by their people. Contestations and negotiations between Indigenous communities and schools have characterized Native education in the cauldrons of colonialism throughout the world, as different drives for sovereignty aim to control and shape the younger generations. 

This institute presents a window to diverse Native educational experiences from a sequence of eras and various regions and Indigenous peoples with a heavy emphasis on Native American and First Nations students, women, families, leaders, and activists. We will introduce resources and methodologies to research such crucial themes in Native American and Indigenous Studies at the Newberry Library as well as opportunities to connect with Indigenous communities in the Chicago area to support the students’ distinct projects. We also encourage comparative studies of Indigenous education and schooling. 

The NCAIS Summer Institute is a four-week-long intensive graduate course held during the summer at The Newberry Library in Chicago. Participants are provided with housing in Chicago, receive a $600 living stipend, and will be reimbursed for travel expenses. If you have questions about the institute, please email mcnickle@newberry.org.

Summer Institute Participants:

David Alvarez, University of California-Davis

Keziah Anderson, Harvard University

Jonny R. Quenga Borja, University Minnesota

William Carroll, University of Oklahoma

Erin Marie Cheslow, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Analiesa Delgado, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Persephone Eastman, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Katheryn Horne, University of Colorado-Boulder

Thomas Kahle, University of Oklahoma

Julia Marsan, University of Chicago

Richard Maska, University of New Mexico

Maddie Murphy, Yale University

Jamie Neinhuysen, University of Manitoba

Tori Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Xinying Zou, Cornell University 

Cost and Registration

The Summer Institute is only available to graduate students in NCAIS-affiliated institutions.