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Arts of Dying: The Visual Culture of the Black Death in Medieval Europe

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Seminar Description

Between 1348 and 1352, approximately half the population of Europe was killed by the Black Death, a devastating plague that swept across the continent and returned episodically for another 150 years. This one-session seminar will explore the macabre themes and motifs that emerged before and after the wake of the plague, including the Dance of Death; the “Three Living and the Three Dead”; the Ars Moriendi; the introduction of transi, or cadaver tombs; and manuscript illustrations of the Office of the Dead. We will consider how the Black Death impacted funerary ritual, death preparation, and pastoral care in the late medieval period. We will find that despite the seriousness with which death and preparation for the afterlife were regarded in the Middle Ages, there was nevertheless a great deal of comic levity and silliness in much of the associated imagery.

One session. Registration – $40

Sarah Wilson holds a PhD in English from Northwestern University. Her research focuses on the literature and culture of late-medieval England, with a particular emphasis on mourning and the philosophy of consolation. Sarah is also a Program Coordinator in the Department of Public Engagement at the Newberry.

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