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President's Reception

To express appreciation for their generous support of Newberry's Annual Fund, David Spadafora invites members of the President's Fellows to the annual President's Reception.

Though the library is traditionally considered the heart of a university, today’s research library is more akin to a neuron connected to a vast global network. To provide access to current information in multiple formats across an infinite array of disciplines, modern research libraries are highly dependent on their reciprocal relationships with other libraries and organizations. These institutions work together to preserve our intellectual and cultural heritage while collectively navigating the increased expectations of students, staff, and researchers and the realities of increasingly constrained budgets. Join us as Mary Case reflects on how the University of Illinois at Chicago University Library is working to fulfill its role as a research library in this exciting and ever-changing environment.

To learn more about the President's Fellows and the benefits associated with membership, please contact Alexandra Katich, Director of Annual Giving, at (312) 255-3599 or katicha@newberry.org.