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Letters of Recommendation

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Fellowship applicants are required to provide letters of recommendation for their application. Each letter should address the proposed project, the value of a Newberry residency for the applicant, and the qualifications of the applicant. Letters that speak to the applicant’s project in specific, current terms are more effective than general letters from a dossier.

Letters must be submitted via the link provided by SlideRoom. Applicants are responsible for ensuring the link and information about the fellowship program, including deadlines, are communicated to their recommenders. Recommenders can submit their letters as soon as they receive the link to SlideRoom. After a recommender has successfully submitted their application, they will see a confirmation screen; applicants should also receive a confirmation email.

The Newberry prefers that letters are submitted by the application deadline; however, recommenders will have a ten-day grace period after the deadline to ensure that their letters have been received. Letters received via post, email, or after the grace period will not be accepted.

Letters of recommendation should be written in English on institutional letterhead and contain the signature of the recommender (digital signatures are accepted).

Unless otherwise specified in the Application Guidelines, the Newberry will not accept any more than three letters of recommendation for any Long-Term Fellowship application or two letters of recommendation for Short-Term Fellowship application. Applicants who apply for more than one fellowship program in one year must ask their recommenders to submit a letter for each application. Letters received for previous applications cannot be reused.