NCAIS Graduate Student Conference | Newberry

NCAIS Graduate Student Conference

From left to right: Ashley Hayward (University of Manitoba), Molli Pauliot (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Michael Albani (Michigan State University) and Prof. Richard Boles (Oklahoma State University)

In February, NCAIS sponsors a graduate conference for students to present papers relating to their research in American Indian and Indigenous Studies. Submissions are encouraged across a wide variety of disciplines relating to American Indian and Indigenous histories and cultures.

Graduate students propose papers in the fall and send a title and 250-word abstract of their paper to Papers are grouped into hour and a half sessions followed by commentary from the NCAIS faculty. All presenters register for the conference in December, although no registration fee is required.

Scholarship funding is available to a select number of graduate student participants. All meals are included for all conference presenters and served at the Newberry, where social activities provide a chance to interact with NCAIS faculty.

Past Graduate Student Conferences