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NCAIS Graduate Student Conference

From left to right: Ashley Hayward (University of Manitoba), Molli Pauliot (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Michael Albani (Michigan State University) and Prof. Richard Boles (Oklahoma State University)

In February, NCAIS sponsors a graduate conference for students to present papers relating to their research in American Indian and Indigenous Studies. Submissions are encouraged across a wide variety of disciplines relating to American Indian and Indigenous histories and cultures.

Graduate students propose papers in the fall and send a title and 250-word abstract of their paper to Papers are grouped into hour and a half sessions followed by commentary from the NCAIS faculty. All presenters register for the conference in December, although no registration fee is required.

Scholarship funding is available to a select number of graduate student participants. All meals are included for all conference presenters and served at the Newberry, where social activities provide a chance to interact with NCAIS faculty.

Past Graduate Student Conferences

Upcoming Conference

Tuesday, February 2, 2021Thursday, February 4, 2021
NCAIS Graduate Students will be presenting papers in a number of academic fields related to American Indian and Indigenous Studies. NCAIS faculty members and other audience members help presenters further develop their ideas and arguments through questions and constructive feedback.