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Newberry Consortium in American Indian Studies

2018-2019 NCAIS Faculty Liaisons at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

In June of 2008, the Newberry Library founded NCAIS, The Newberry Consortium in American Indian and Indigenous Studies, which links universities across the United States and Canada engaged in the training of graduate students in Indigenous Studies. The consortium draws on the resources of the Newberry’s world renowned collections in American Indian and Indigenous Studies to facilitate graduate student training. Each year graduate students from the member universities present their research at a graduate conference, participate in a 3-day spring workshop, and attend a four-week long summer institute. At the heart of the training is the graduate level summer institute held at the Newberry, where students can opt to receive graduate credit at their home universities. Drawn on topics directly related to the Newberry collections, the students focus on readings related to the topic or theme of the institute and simultaneously, work in the Newberry collections on their own research. The NCAIS spring workshop is also topical but usually held at other archival sites in the United States and Canada, offering graduate students a unique opportunity to become familiar with multiple archival resources. In February, NCAIS graduate students present their research at the NCAIS Graduate Conference. Supportive faculty from the NCAIS schools provide positive feedback to the graduate students about how to effectively present and enhance their research. NCAIS has funds earmarked for both long-term and short-term funding for faculty at NCAIS member institutions. Graduate students in NCAIS can apply for funding both before and after they pass comprehensive examinations. Graduate students can use their funding to work at the Newberry but can also use their funding to work at other research institutions or on field research.

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NCAIS Member Institutions and Faculty Liaisons

Cornell University. Prof. Troy Richardson, American Indian and Indigenous Studies

Harvard University. Prof. Philip Deloria, History

Michigan State University. Prof. Dylan A.T. Miner, American Indian and Indigenous Studies

Northwestern University. Prof. Kelly Wisecup, English

Oklahoma State University. Prof. Richard Boles, History

Penn State University. Prof. Julie Reed (Interim Liaison), History

University of California Davis, Prof. Kathleen Whiteley, Native American Studies

University of Chicago. Prof. Matthew Kruer, History

University of Colorado, Boulder, Prof. Elizabeth Fenn, History

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Prof. Jenny L. Davis, Anthropology

University of Manitoba. Prof. Cary Miller, Indigenous Curriculum, Scholarship, and Research

University of Michigan. Prof. Barbara Meek, Anthropology

University of Minnesota. Prof. Jean O’Brien, History

University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Prof. William Bauer, History

University of New Mexico. Prof. Jennifer Nez Denetdale, American Studies

University of Oklahoma. Prof. Warren Metcalf, History

University of Washington. Prof. Josh Reid, History and American Indian Studies

University of Winnipeg. Prof. Mary Jane McCallum, History

University of Wisconsin Madison. Prof. Steve Kantrowitz, History

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Prof. Michael Wilson, English

Yale University. Prof. Alanna Hickey, English