Center for Renaissance Studies Consortium

Prayer Book of Anne of Brittany, Florence, after 1499, Case MS 83
Prayer Book of Anne of Brittany, Florence, after 1499, Case MS 83

The Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies is organized as an international consortium of member universities that contribute to its administration through a representative council.

Faculty and graduate students of Center for Renaissance Studies consortium institutions may be eligible to apply for Newberry Renaissance Consortium Grants to participate in programs or to do research at the Newberry Library or the Folger Shakespeare Library. Some member institutions may limit eligibility to certain departments, colleges, or other units within the university, and each member sets its own policies, limitations, and deadlines.

Consortium scholars can propose full-day symposia and ten-week graduate seminars to be hosted at the Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies.

Contact Karen Christianson, the associate director, at, for information about consortium class visits, including sessions with rare books and Newberry tours and orientations, conducted by Center for Renaissance Studies staff.

Many consortium universities run their own research centers, programs, and committees. Please see Affiliates for a list of affiliated centers and programs.

The Center for Renaissance Studies collaborates with the Folger Institute in Washington, DC, itself a consortium of universities. Through the reciprocity agreement between the Folger Institute and the Center for Renaissance Studies, faculty members and graduate students from either consortium may apply for admission to the other’s programs, and if they are admitted some fees may be waived.