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Teacher and Student Programs

The mission of Teacher and Student Programs is to provide content-based, active learning experiences to challenge, inspire, and empower teachers and students.

The Newberry coordinates a variety of professional development programs for Chicago-area educators, as well as educational programs for Chicago-area and suburban school students. Led by university and college faculty, teacher seminars focused on humanities topics connect educators with the latest scholarship in the subject areas in which they teach. They also offer participants the opportunity to renew their academic interests, deepen their content knowledge, and collaborate with fellow teachers in a collegial setting. In partnership with Lake Forest College, Newberry Teacher Programs is an authorized provider of professional development credit hours for licensure renewal as recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education. School programs focus on instilling a love of learning, engagement with primary sources, and making oneself at home at a research library such as the Newberry.

Educators interested in professional development at the Newberry should consider learning more about the following programs:

Professional Development Opportunities

Led by university and college faculty, professional development seminars reconnect educators with the latest scholarship in a range of humanities-focused subject areas. Guided by the belief that primary sources are essential to fostering understanding, empathy, and skills-building, these programs recognize teachers are scholars, help grow their content knowledge, and bring new skills into the classroom.

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Digital Collections for the Classroom

Thanks to our extensive digital resources, one’s research can extend beyond the Newberry’s physical walls. The Digital Collections for the Classroom website features unique primary source documents organized thematically with contextual essays and discussion questions. These materials are geared towards educators and student researchers. Learn more about the Digital Collections for the Classroom and other digital resources from the Newberry.

Programs for Students

The Newberry Library offers several innovative and age-appropriate programs for K-12 students, including exhibition tours, collections field trips (for students in either 8th grade or 14 years of age and up), and in-class school visits with primary sources. All of our programs are developed in collaboration with subject specialists and align with Common Core standards. For more information, please visit our Programs for Students page.

For more information about our programs, please contact Teacher Programs Staff.